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Queue-it reviews show real customers achieving real results

Choosing the right virtual waiting room is a big decision. That’s why Queue-it customers across industries have openly shared their experience online. Hear what satisfied Queue-it customers have to say about using the virtual waiting room to control online traffic and deliver a fair, seamless experience no matter the demand.

Mayflower Theatre Queue-it testimonial
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Run sales & registrations confidently

  • Queue-it just gave us peace of mind, that if anything happens or goes wrong, it’s manageable. Queue-it is definitely worth its weight in gold.

  • Their offering is a game-changer in terms of what it helps us accomplish (launching massive traffic events with zero disruption or confusion in the *branded* user experience) ... it speaks for itself.

  • Saved our bacon! Queue-it has helped us to deliver some of our most successful on-sale events ever, smoothly processing thousands of customers through to our website at times of peak demand. Major show producers have been happy with the capability of our site to sell their product without falling over - thanks to Queue-it.  
    Mayflower Theater

  • The control it gives to manage technical risks surrounding product launches is awesome. … We managed for the first time to have zero downtime in a major launch and (after we saw everything was working as intended) be totally relaxed during the event itself.

  • We now have much more confidence with our website during events, and our customers prefer waiting in a queue than refreshing a crashed website.

  • We used a previous virtual waiting room solution that we couldn’t have year-round, it was only covering one-off events. We had very little control over it and very little support. We needed a solution that covered us year-round and that could handle the numbers we usually have.
    —  NY Film Festival

Deliver a fair online experience

  • The building of queue and shuffling of customers before entrance to the ticketing system, makes sure our customers experience a fair and transparent distribution of tickets, where demand and capacity do not match. We trust the Queue-it system 100%.
    NewC Ticketing
  • Everybody gets a fair treatment when waiting to buy tickets. Queue-it is a brand that people trust and therefore rely upon when waiting (no complaints when waiting in queue).
    — CinemaxX

  • We've had bots and people writing exploits to be able to bypass the queue! So for us, bot protection and fairness features are really, really important to our process.

  • Tickets are emotive, people have a connection to the product. Very often, it’s something they have been planning to buy and waiting for the onsale to happen … Our customers needed to ensure it’s a fair buying process for those who want tickets.

  • We were satisfied that the ticket sales were smooth and provided a fair queueing process … Queue-it allowed for us to communicate clearly and efficiently with customers in queue, and kept our website up and running, even with more than 60,000 customers in queue on the day of the release and over 100,000 customers visiting our site throughout the ticket announcement.

"Queue-it is one of the best vendors we've ever worked with because they are as dedicated to our brand as much as we are."

Alex Wakim

LiveGlam Queue-it review

Integrate easily into your tech stack

  • The integration period was very short, and thanks to the generous support, even after the booking site was relaunched, there were no problems related to traffic overflow. Now it's unthinkable to launch a booking site without Queue-it.
    Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • We did not want something that is hard to set up. Queue-it just had all the elements that we needed. Being this fast and easy to implement proved its expertise.
    London Symphony Orchestra

  • I was really impressed with the implementation. I spoke with a sales rep at 10pm on Wednesday night and on Thursday morning we had a technical engagement manager and my developers on a call. The most impressive part was it was literally within a day this was up and running.
  • Our favorite aspect of the platform is the ease of use when setting up a Queue. It is entirely self serve and we can have everything set up and ready in a matter of minutes to prepare for a large on sale. This is crucial since we don't always have a huge lead time in knowing the timing of large on sales.

  • The product is very easy to use. Integration in the web infrastructure is possible in several ways, giving flexibility in choosing the most appropriate method according with the kind of event to manage. The support provided by the vendor is excellent both in terms of responsiveness and competency. We have been able to put in place the product in a couple of days.

Access best-in-class, 24/7 support

  • In my opinion, Queue-it is one of the best vendors we've ever worked with because they are as dedicated to our brand as much as we are.

  • The Queue-it team is smart, humble and service obsessed. We could not ask for more from a vendor. Oh, and their service works exactly as advertised. That is all too rare these days. Queue-it is great!

  • I really felt like Queue-it was trying to help me as a customer and I felt there was real emotional investment on their behalf as well … It really felt like we were part of a team that had come together in one day and went through the rollercoaster of the day. I felt like we bonded through that journey.
    Five Guys

  • Queue-it's service allowed us to get a virtual waiting room up in less than 2 weeks, The experience was customized for our brand. Queue-it has been along with each waiting room event and provided excellent coaching.
    Build-A-Bear Workshop

  • The team at Queue-It are always incredibly attentive and respond to our queries extremely quickly. We always feel supported.  
    Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall

  • We were really happy with the support received. The use of Queue-it paid off - the service is ideal and highly recommended to all other companies looking to manage end-user overload situations.

  • Installing a snippet of code into the header to install queue-it was so much better than having to faff around with DNS settings and wait for propagation. Also, I was very impressed with Ismail and his team, who got on a call with us and helped turn around our project within 24 hours - really great, supportive service.
    Central Tickets

Queue-it customers are happy customers

5 stars black

4.7 / 5

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

Provide a seamless customer experience

  • Queue-it made everything more pleasant for the customer experience and the social media complaints disappeared. Having only one person to set-up the technology together with the Queue-it team saved us a lot of time, human resources, and money.
  • We're now more confident when it comes to large on sales. A good customer experience is really important to us and Queue-it is helping us to deliver this.
    Sage Gateshead
  • We are fully convinced that it was due to the queuing system that every user had a good buying experience despite the enormous website pressure.  The 20,000 starting numbers were sold out in a day, without any website glitches, thanks to Queue-it.
    World Half Marathon
  • Queue-it worked exactly as we expected and we did not experience the well-known performance issues from previous years. This enabled a much-improved customer experience, compared to past launches.
  • The biggest benefit is driving the user experience. It’s an amazing tool for driving and connecting to people … It drives a sense of urgency, it opens a communication channel with the customer through the dynamic messaging feature and the queue page itself … This is really amazing for the business, because we can be creative and also communicate better with customers.
  • We are also able to send messages to our customers waiting in line, which is a new marketing opportunity for us ... Overall, we had a good experience with the waiting room and have only had positive feedback about it from our customers.
  • I like the customization, that we were able to give it a special event look. I like that the customers were able to leave their email address ... Customers who waited were really happy they could close their browser, come back to the site, and keep the same number in line.

Sell at max capacity without crashing

  • It was in the nick of time that we switched the virtual waiting room on, and it served its purpose absolutely perfectly… It allowed us to keep sales we would otherwise have lost if the website wasn't available.
    Five Guys
  • Due to Queue IT we also managed to keep our website and shop 100% available - making sure we could capture every visitor and sale.
  • Regulating outflow per session significantly mitigated the burden on our infrastructure. In the long run, I think this will reduce the cost to maintain our infrastructure. We used to endlessly add servers, but with Queue-it, we will be able to enhance servers in a more planned and efficient way.
  • We invested a lot of money into scaling servers and we still had major issues that prevented potential customers from purchasing on our website. … The huge server infrastructure mess was something we did not want to continue with. Nobody builds a website to handle hundreds of thousands of people just for a limited amount of time. Throughout the day it’s different, but having that major peak is insane. Queue-it is a great solution that saves the day and it works flawlessly.
  • Downtime of even one to two seconds can be very costly. When you multiply that by 60,000-100,000 people, that adds up. Whenever anyone else is involved as well, influencers or another brand, we don't want to affect how their audiences view them. That's another added element for us to make sure we're on top of things during those launches.

  • We do not have to worry about scalability and handing massive inflows of visits/requests in a short period of time. We can have everything set up and ready in a matter of minutes to prepare for a large on sale.

Queue-it is the top-rated virtual waiting room on G2

5 stars white

4.8 / 5

Boost conversions & harness marketing hype

  • Amazing, professional, supportive and great product … 100% if you are looking for a really great solution to managing audience/customer journeys to maximise the conversion of your traffic, then this is the product for you.
    Agency in Marketing & Advertising
  • Because there was a queue, we saw an enormous increase in conversion rates. . . People think, “Now that I’m on the site, I really need to buy something.”
  • The conversion rate of our product and people who are waiting in line is very close to 100%. People who are waiting are also buying the product until it’s sold out. We have had a great experience working with Queue-it.
    Stauning Whisky
  • The virtual waiting room made people acknowledge the importance of the event and the way in which it was managed, which generated the desired hype and positive feedback.
    London Symphony Orchestra
  • A side-effect that we realised was that conversion rate had increased at a level much higher than the reduction in visitors to site, increasing revenue - especially when one of the potential outcomes during peak is server overload.
    Administrator in IT & Services

Control online traffic to deliver an online experience you can be proud of