Online sales drive levels of web traffic that can quickly overwhelm payment and inventory systems. Ecommerce collection releases generate hype that brings down a site before the sale even starts. And some online traffic peaks are unpredictable, the result of press coverage, viral SoMe posts, or overly successful marketing campaigns. Downtime harms brand reputation and is disastrous for the bottom line.

Queue-it offers customizable queue pages for ecommerce launches

Site failure is not an option

Once your site fails, fixing it requires costly time and resources. A virtual waiting room acts as a safety net for your website, constantly monitoring and only queuing excess visitors. The pre-queue feature prevents overload before collection releases. And flexibility between page or site-level setup lets you precisely protect your bottlenecks. Provide your shoppers with a smooth, informed wait while preventing sales losses.

Queue-it's virtual waiting room prevents ecommerce website crashes during collection releases
Queue-it benefits for online ecommerce businesses

Provide a fair experience

Queue-it benefits for online ecommerce businesses

Uphold brand reputation

Queue-it benefits for online ecommerce businesses

Target website bottlenecks

Queue-it benefits for online ecommerce businesses

Avoid losing sales revenue

Benefits of using Queue-it's virtual waiting room for the ecommerce industry

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