Product | Control website traffic with Queue-it's virtual waiting room system


By adding Queue-it to your website, end-users exceeding your website capacity limits are offloaded to the virtual waiting room. When space opens up, Queue-it redirects the end-users who waited in line back to your website in the correct, sequential order and at a pace your site can handle.

End-users in an online queue

Provide a fair and transparent experience

A first-come-first-serve waiting line is fairest, most logical method to service customers pursuing the same high-demand product

Target the bottlenecks where peak traffic occurs

Target the bottlenecks

Control traffic at the page level to target the bottlenecks where peak traffic is occuring

Quick and easy integration without the need of DNS setup

Integrate quickly and easily

Leave your DNS setup alone while you implement within minutes at the page level

Save money by avoiding the traditional means of scaling

Invest more effectively

Save resources and investments by avoiding the traditional means of scaling that are expensive and do not eliminate complexity of risk

First-class online experience

Uphold your brand reputation

Reinforce your brand's equity by providing a first-class online experience

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Command the queue through the management console

Control and monitor your traffic with real-time analytics in the GO Queue-it Platform

Technique behind the process

Queue-it is offered as a SaaS with two parts: the queue page and the GO Queue-it Platform. Queue-it offers client-side and server-side integration options. Read more about the tech and integration

SaaS product with client-side and server-side
mobile app available on Queue-it

Integrate Queue-it within your mobile shopping apps

Implementing a virtual waiting room for web users only, may not be sufficient in a cross-device shopping environment. Queue-it is the only virtual waiting room provider that, aside from web applications, also supports integrating the waiting room into native mobile applications.

Keep end-users informed

Post messages directly to those waiting in line with Dynamic Communication, and use the queue page to inform, advertise, and engage your audience, all while the queue is running.

Queue page informs, advertises and engages the audience
Positive end-user experience

Put your end-users first

When first in, first out principles are in place, the end-user understands the situation and feels that everything is under control and that they are being treated in a fair way. They will see their progress and estimated waiting time, and are empowered to make a qualified decision to continue waiting or not. Read more about end-user solutions:

Product demo

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