Videos | Online queuing experience and end-user satisfaction


Black Friday 2017 Countdown

The business cost of downtime on your website during campaigns, specifically Black Friday, is massive ...
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Can you sell-out in 2 minutes? No, learn why!

You have probably seen news headlines stating that highly anticipated tickets for popular shows or ...
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Sneaker Releases Saturdays: A Chance to Build Trust and Win with Online Customers

As the footwear segment and the sneaker demand have grown significantly, a lot of retailers ...
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How the BOTS Act Impacts Premium Onsale and the Ticketing Industry Ecosystem

The BOTS Act is a step in the right direction to creating more fair ticket ...
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Niels Sodemann breaks down the psychology of queuing at TN Inspire!

TN Inspire! made its Tessitura debut at TLCC2016. Presenting on a passion of their choice, ...
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The online queuing experience and how it works

When peak traffic events converge on websites, end-users are sent to the online queue system ...
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