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Central command during high demand

Understand, control, and analyze your waiting room traffic—all in one easy-to-use home base
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Total traffic control. From configuration to completion

Standard Queue-it waiting room

Get targeted site protection

  • Implement the waiting room just in front of key bottlenecks in your user journey, like “Add to Cart”, login, checkout, or a specific landing page
  • Send visitors to the waiting room only when traffic exceeds the capacity of your systems
  • Cover your website, mobile browser, native app, or progressive web app

Stay informed when the stakes are high

  • Get key metrics in real time like traffic inflow per minute, when the queue kicked in, average wait time, and number of customers waiting
  • Share easy-to-understand charts & graphs with real-time data so technical & non-technical stakeholders know exactly what’s going on
  • Whitelist IP addresses so your support teams, call centers, or external partners have direct access to your site to support customers & verify website performance
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Black Friday waiting room with live update

Take control of your traffic

  • Adjust traffic flow up & down on the fly based on how your systems are performing
  • Send real-time updates to customers in your waiting room right from the dashboard
  • Control every aspect of the waiting room, from creation to pausing to flow adjustments, in the web-based GO Queue-it Platform or with REST-based APIs

Optimize your peak event process

  • Detect suspicious traffic & investigate unexpected spikes to strengthen your bot & abuse strategy
  • Get a summary report & gather the insights you need to debrief your team & analyze your event’s success
  • Understand exactly how traffic levels impact your website so you can fine-tune performance for the future
Traffic insights charts from Go Queue-it Platform

Take the stress out of high-traffic events


of respondents say running sales/registrations with Queue-it is less stressful than before


say their insight into genuine & malicious traffic has improved with Queue-it


average reduction in staff needed on-call during sales, freeing them to drive added value for your business

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“The virtual waiting room reacts to and controls our traffic instantaneously, and if we need to make any changes, we can easily do it on the spot with the API or the dashboard. The benefit is real, and the ‘sérénite’ is real, too.”


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“Queue-it’s solution is user-friendly for both our IT and business departments. The dashboard is simple and intuitive, and business staff could quickly figure out how it works, how the sale is going, and if needed, tweak the traffic outflow. … It bridges IT and business.”


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Understand & act on your traffic

  • Investigate unexpected traffic spikes & sources to troubleshoot issues & validate visitor details
  • Identify where traffic comes from, which devices are being used & who the referrers are
  • Get real-time data on traffic behavior, volume by IP address & unusual requests
  • Get automatic threat detection & real-time alerts on unusual traffic behavior
  • Identify aggressive IP addresses, unusual requests, data center traffic & good bots like the Google Crawler
  • Understand why traffic is being flagged as bots & get valuable insight into bot activity & which mitigation tactics are working
  • Access detailed logs of server-side data that let you analyze traffic down to the individual request level
  • Discover a holistic overview of all requests made to your waiting room(s)
  • Choose from 30+ filters to understand traffic from all angles
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“Queue-it’s Traffic Insights and reporting lets us communicate technical insights to non-technical stakeholders. ... It makes a clear, quick visual point and helps us communicate in an easy-to-understand way, like how much traffic spiked, when the queue kicked in, and how long people were waiting.”


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Expert support with you every step of the way

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Besides the ease of use, the best part of using Queue-it has to be dedicated, quick customer support.

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Enterprise CTO

Great customer support staff that respond back within minutes and are very knowledgeable. All around an amazing product and team.

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