Prevent government website crashes by controlling traffic

We’ve all seen the headlines. Sudden, increased traffic to a government website causes it to crash.

Whether it’s tax filing, visa applications, voter registrations, a website crash means critical government services grind to a halt. While your site is down your call center becomes inundated with calls from unhappy taxpayers. And if the site outage also impacts your staff’s ability to process applications, their productivity is reduced even further.

Get 24/7 control of website traffic with a virtual waiting room and ensure your operational efficiency.

Government website queue pages

Surges in website visitors can overwhelm your infrastructure

Websites aren’t built to handle traffic peaks. When they happen your site’s bottlenecks congest, leading to slowdowns and crashes.

Three dots connected by a circle
Your CDN only reduces load on static pages
tech stack can't autoscale
Your whole tech stack can't autoscale
Transactional database overheating
Your transactional database overheats
Payment gateway failure
3rd party payment gateways congest and fail

This could hurt your operational efficiency

A site outage is no quick fix, and all the while costly call center resources are needed to field calls from frustrated taxpayers.

65% of organizations need over an hour to fix a website
65% of organizations need over an hour to fix a website.
Orgs that have frequent outages experience up to 16x higher costs
Organizations that have frequent outages and brownouts experience up to 16x higher costs.

Queue-it helps you deliver consistent performance whatever the demand

The virtual waiting room lets you ensure operational efficiency for less than server scaling & provides crucial analytics to predict future case volumes.

Website bottleneck with target
Target website bottlenecks
24/7 protection against traffic surges
Monitor your website 24/7
Real-time communication message bubbles
Keep visitors informed as they wait
Fair, first-in first-out wait
Provide a fair user experience
Effective resource investment increases productivity
Invest resources more effectively
Get traffic analytics for future planning
Get traffic analytics for future planning

Protect your staff's productivity by ensuring consistent site performance