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Queue-it for the public sector

When government entities run applications and registrations, online traffic often overwhelms underlying systems. These crashes and slowdowns frustrate citizens and stress your staff. Queue-it keeps your systems running smoothly under high demand, keeping your constituents happy and letting you focus on what you do best.

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Keep systems running so you can focus on serving citizens

Stay online no matter the demand

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room lets you create a reliable, predictable flow of traffic through your application and registration systems. You keep system bottlenecks from overheating and keep systems running 24/7.

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Take the guesswork out of support center staffing

The virtual waiting room provides analytics to help you predict future case volumes, letting you schedule the right number of staff weeks in advance.

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Conserve and manage your resources

Keeping your systems online means you prevent IT and support centers from being overwhelmed with tickets. And you can use waiting room speed to inform support center staffing levels and keep ticket response and phone hold times low.

Explore how to use Queue-it for your registrations

Deliver a citizen experience you can be proud of

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Keep visitors informed

Academic studies show how people feel when they wait matters far more than how long they wait. When visitors know how long their wait is, it frees them to occupy their time with other tasks, reducing anxiety.

Stay out of the news

Instead of frustrating crashes or slowdowns, citizens are met with a transparent, informed wait. Happy citizens mean fewer support center tickets, keeping operations running smoothly.

Provide a fair wait

For ongoing registrations, your citizens get a fair, first-in-first-out wait. If you’re offering applications for funds or other limited services, you can create a scheduled waiting room that will hold early visitors on a countdown page and then randomize them just like a raffle, giving everyone an equal chance.

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Implement a secure, accessible, and flexible solution

Keep your site secure & user data private

Satisfy your accessibility requirements

Integrate flexibly into your infrastructure

Work with your existing partners

AWS Marketplace
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Carahsoft government procurement contracts
Crown Commercial Service's G-Cloud 13 Framework

Queue-it's expert support is with you every step of the way

"Queue-it is very easy to use. Integration in the web infrastructure is possible in several ways, giving flexibility in choosing the most appropriate method. And the support provided by Queue-it is excellent both in terms of responsiveness and competency."

Francesco Panasiti, Director of Information Technology, INPGI

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"The integration period was very short, and thanks to the generous support, even after the booking site was relaunched, there were no problems related to traffic overflow. Now it's unthinkable to launch a booking site without Queue-it."

Masanobu Tenjin, Director for Digital Shift Promotion, Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Bureau of Digital Service

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Explore how Queue-it is helping the public sector succeed

Tokyo Metropolitan government on green background
Success story

Tokyo Government: “It’s unthinkable to launch a booking site without Queue-it”

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Demand for Bend Park & Rec District’s programs boomed 800%. Here’s how it went.

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Vaccine demand drove 400k visitors to InnovaPuglia’s site. Here’s how it went.

Deliver a superior citizen experience even during high-traffic registrations