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Deliver a seamless online experience

Place customers in a branded waiting room and create a smooth experience from queue to checkout.

See what you can do with your virtual waiting room

Everything You Need to Know About the Custom Queue
Everything You Need to Know About the Custom Queue

Customize the wait and make it worthwhile

Brand the wait

Control your visitors’ visual experience by incorporating your brand’s identity into your waiting room. You give your customers a seamless journey from queue to checkout.

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Queue page for concert with embedded videos

Engage your customers

With your customizable waiting room, you can promote future events, upsell additional products, and embed videos or games as your audience waits to enter your website.

Keep customers informed

Psychological studies show that how people feel when they wait in line matters far more than how long they wait. Remove uncertainty and anxiety from the waiting process by showing individualized wait information and pushing real-time messages to keep visitors informed.

Queue page with wait time & email functionality highlighted
Laptop, tablets & mobile phones with queue pages

Queue across any device

Queue-it is built to accommodate the unique challenges of mobile queuing. Visitors keep their place in line if they leave the browser or app, lock their phones, or if their phone runs out of battery.

Encourage and maintain a fair customer experience

Tap into social proof

Show customers they’re part of the buzz by displaying the number of visitors in line. This psychological hack serves as a powerful endorsement of your products and encourages even more people to get in on the action.

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Green bowling pins ascending stairs

Redefine online fairness

Protect your brand’s integrity by treating your visitors fairly. If you’re running a timed sale, Queue-it’s pre-queue captures early visitors and neutralizes bots’ speed advantage. During the sale, customers access your site in a transparent and fair first-in, first-out manner.

Deliver performance your customers expect

Nobody enjoys shopping on a website where they can’t check out. With Queue-it, visitors who reach your site get the speed and performance they expect, even when you’re inundated with traffic.

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