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User experience

Deliver a fair & transparent experience during peak demand

Preventing site crashes and slowdowns is just the start. Brand the wait, communicate in real time, and tap into marketing psychology for a user experience that keeps customers coming back for more.
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Create a seamless, branded experience

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Keep customers informed

  • Give customers peace of mind with transparent wait info like place in line & estimated wait time
  • Communicate in real time to set expectations, let customers know what inventory’s left & share updates on sale progress
  • Let customers plan their time & be productive while they wait with email notifications when it’s their turn

Give customers fair access

  • Create an unskippable first-come-first-served queue
  • Run a live raffle that collects visitors on a countdown page & randomizes them once the sale starts, giving everyone an equal shot
  • Use an invite-only waiting room to grant access only to verified visitors, keeping out bots, resellers & non-members
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Brand the wait

  • Match your brand image by adding your logo, font & colors together with a custom waiting room background, progress bar & wait info display
  • Show the waiting room in 50+ languages so you can tailor the experience to your markets
  • White label your waiting room to set the page title & favicon, customize the “it’s your turn” sound & put the queue URL on your brand’s domain

Engage customers

  • Keep customers entertained by embedding videos, playlists & games
  • Run promotions & cross-sell products when you’re at your most visible
  • Prepare customers while they wait with info on what to expect & what materials to have on hand for a fast checkout
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Fairer sales, fewer complaints, a first-rate customer experience


of respondents say Queue-it has improved their customers' online experience


say sales are fairer when using Queue-it


say they see fewer customer complaints on sales they run with Queue-it

“The feedback on Queue-it has been kind of overwhelmingly positive. It's anecdotal, but I’ve seen tweets and emails from people that said ‘Thanks, it was a really great experience.’ Or, you know, ‘I got the ticket I wanted and I loved the give us your email feature.’”



Jon Haworth Tate
Jut McDaniels, Bend Parks & Rec

"We got an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. I wanted to print the comments out and make them my wallpaper, because it so rarely happens.”



Capitalize on your high-stakes brand moment

Uphold customer trust by preventing crashes, slowdowns & errors caused by extreme load

Explore site protection

Show customers how many others are waiting & get a powerful endorsement of your product that lifts conversions & encourages more customers to get in on the action

Explore conversion rate optimization

Show your customers related products & content while they wait to help increase order values & drive interest around upcoming events

Explore cross-selling

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“Being able to show how many people want the product helped us create hype and enhance our brand power. It’s a bit like how the popular kids at school get even more popular. We saw this especially in the cross-selling effect on our other products, which tripled in sales during the drop.”

Taishi Mizuno, Chief Merchandising Officer

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