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End-user experience

Take control of the end-user experience
during your highest traffic times
Virtual waiting room satisfies the end-user

When traffic surges hit your website, your technology stack can be challenged, overloaded, and potentially fail. Quite obviously, this can frustrate end-users and valued customers.

Instead, with a virtual waiting room system in place, end-users will be redirected to a queue page. They will be held in the waiting room and provided information on their place in line and estimated duration of their wait.

Successful payment process

The end-users are then redirected back to your website when it becomes their turn and can continue their journey to complete their purchase, registration, or submission.

Informed customers feel less frustrated

Psychology studies suggest that unexplained waits feel longer than explained waits. Providing communication through a queue page informs and reassures your end-users.

Queue page interface

The queue page displayed to end-users during their wait enables you to:

Inform end-users with real-time updates on the queue page or via email

Display selected dynamic queue information, such as # in line and estimated wait

Customize the introductory text that welcomes your end-users

Deliver a branded experience with your customized logo and skin

End-user experience features

First-in, first-out queuing creates a sequential order that is decided fairly


Real-time communication enables you to display information to end-users


Bots and malicious user protection ensures online fairness


Custom designed queue pages provide a unique end-user experience

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