End-user experience

There’s nothing worse for your customers than an unresponsive website or app. By avoiding downtime, you maintain brand reputation and stay in control of the end-user experience during high traffic situations.
Create a stylish queue page & give end-users an informed wait with Queue-it

Provide a seamless journey

When traffic surges hit your website, your technology stack can quickly become overwhelmed, frustrating valuable customers. Instead of frantically refreshing the page, customers are redirected to a customizable queue page. There they are provided information on their place in line and estimated wait duration.

Avoid customers frustrated by website crashes with a virtual queue like Queue-it

Engage your audience

Customers see their wait time dynamically update while on a branded queue page. They can even engage with promotional content like videos or games. Visitors are redirected back to your website when their turn comes to complete their purchase, registration, or submission.

Customers are redirected from Queue-it’s virtual waiting room to your website when it is their turn

Create an informed wait

Psychology studies suggest that unexplained waits feel longer than explained waits. Inform and reassure your customers with updated wait information and real-time communication.

Queue-it takes advantage of queue psychology that shows indeterminable waits feel longer than informed waits

On the queue page you can:

  • Inform visitors with real-time updates on the queue page or via email
  • Display selected dynamic queue information, such as number in line and estimated wait
  • Customize the intro text that welcomes your customers
  • Deliver a branded experience with your customized logo and skin
You can customize Queue-it’s queue page to show line info & promotional content relevant to your customers

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