End-user experience

Optimize end-user queue experience

When you implement Queue-it, your end-users will see the queue page whenever your capacity threshold is exceeded. During a high interest event, such as a ticketing onsale or e-commerce campaign, the typical end-user experience when seeing the queue page will be:

  • End-users will understand the situation and feel that everything is under control

  • End-users will understand the queue / line concept and feel that they are treated in a fair way

  • End-users will see their progress and estimated waiting time, and they can then make a qualified decision to continue waiting or not — hence not wasting their time

The Queue-it queue pages provide features such as Dynamic Communication to end-users about i.e. their place in line and expected waiting time, as well as provide a fair queuing process that sequentially queues end-users in a first-in, first-out process and makes sure no one unfairly bypasses the queue. Queue-it is therefore the only commercially available waiting room that has a fair and sequential waiting system, which also incorporates seamlessly with all technologies, including load balancers and e-commerce platforms.

The end-user interface, a.k.a. the queue page, may be customized both to fit your specific queue situation and to match your corporate design guidelines, like these examples. It is also possible to display commercial content or information next to the queue page.

When end-users are waiting in line, they can get more information about the queuing situation by clicking on the ‘What is Queue-it’ link on the queue page. The ‘What is Queue-it’ link accesses an information page that features an animated video which explains the queuing experience.