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How does it work?

When a peak traffic event occurs on a website, the online queue system sends the users to the virtual waiting room platform, where the users wait in line, being redirected back in a correct, sequential order, at a rate the website can handle.

What do you get with the free trial?

What happens in the free trial?

During the free trial, you will be able to preview and test the queue system. You will get familiar with the GO platform, and the Queue-it support team will assist you in finalizing a custom test setup that is right for your needs.

Will I be obligated to purchase after starting the free trial?

No - there is no credit card required when you start your free trial, and no obligation to purchase when your trial has ended. The free trial is set up so that you can get started seeing how the virtual waiting system works and how it could fit your organization's needs.

”Queue-it’s virtual waiting room has always worked perfectly for us, even with our large onsales of tens of thousands of end-users, and has functioned exactly as it is supposed to. Also, the support from Queue-it has been fantastic.”

Marcelo Martins, Operation and Production Director, Tickets for Fun

“With the help of Queue-it, Micro Kickboard shifted from losing 30% of their customers on a major sale day to achieving a 95% conversion rate of the significantly increased traffic of Black Friday and other key campaign days.”

Jamie Rau, Marketing Manager, Micro Kickboard