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4.8 out of 5 stars on G2
virtual waiting room
virtual waiting room
Cathay Pacific
Lily Pulitzer
Vue Cinemas
Harvey Nichols

"Queue-it made everything more pleasant for the customer experience and the social media complaints disappeared. It's a great solution that saves the day and it works flawlessly."

Robert Williams, Digital Manager, SNIPES

Snipes testimonial
Rakuten France testimonial

"The peace of mind we get from using Queue-it is outstanding. The best thing is feeling relaxed, not having to worry, knowing that everything will be okay."

Thibaud Simond, Infrastructure Manager, Rakuten France

"From our first conversation, the Queue-it team was outstanding. Queue-it is one of the best vendors we've ever worked with because they are as dedicated to our brand as much as we are."

Alex Wakim, Director of Operations and Business Development, LiveGlam

LiveGlam testimonial
End-user experience simulation
User experience simulation
Web-based admin platform tour
Web-based admin platform tour
Setting up your first queue
Setting up your first waiting room
Technical Q&A with our experts
Technical Q&A with our experts
No credit card required
No credit card required
Multiple user trial access
Multiple user trial access

What to expect

  • Discover how Queue-it can help your online business prevent website crashes
  • See a quick simulation of the virtual waiting room’s user experience
  • Explore all features and our web-based admin platform
  • See how Queue-it integrates with your current infrastructure setup
  • Hear industry best practices and recommendations
  • Learn how to set up your first website or app waiting room
Queue-it's waiting room page & admin platform

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