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Run high-volume course enrollment & housing registrations without fear of website crashes

Higher education registrations drive compressed surges in website traffic that threaten the integrity and uptime of your systems. Commonly, the traffic peaks will slow and crash your site, leading to a tarnished institutional reputation and lost productivity from staff who now must deal with a flood of emails and calls.

Get 24/7 control of website traffic with a virtual waiting room and deliver a seamless experience for your students.

Queue pages for university websites

Website traffic spikes can overwhelm your infrastructure

Three dots connected by a circle
Your CDN only reduces load on static pages
tech stack can't autoscale
Your whole tech stack can't autoscale
Overheating transactional database
Your transactional database overheats
Payment gateway failure
Your 3rd party extensions congest and fail

Harming your reputation & staff efficiency

of IT directors say downtime negatively impacts productivity

of organizations need over an hour to fix a website

costs are up to 16x higher for companies with frequent outages than for those with infrequent outages

Trophy on top of green blocks

Deliver a fair & seamless online experience for students

Bottleneck with shield
Shield all of your website's bottlenecks
Real-time communication with message bubbles
Keep your students informed as they wait
Palm outstretched with positive review
Protect your institution's reputation
Alarm clock showing time savings
Save the time & energy of your staff

Watch how Queue-it's virtual waiting room works

How does Queue-it work video
How does Queue-it work video

I have no hesitation recommending the virtual waiting room as a solution for universities facing issues managing course registrations. It streamlined the process of managing peak load and that translated to a better student experience, which is key for any university that puts students first.

Vamsi Ramanadham, Director of ERP Applications, MacEwan University

After 4 or 5 years of a bad experience, we realized that Swinburne couldn’t afford another failure. Being able to manage the load was the biggest benefit of using Queue-it. It’s quite a seamless experience for students. They were surprised in a very good way.

Darren Blizzard, Application Integration Development Manager, Swinburne University of Technology

Discover how virtual waiting rooms improve the student experience

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Virtual waiting room page queue it

Discover how the virtual waiting room works

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Reduce student complaints & spare your staff unnecessary stress