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How to handle unexpected web traffic spikes

Sudden surges in web traffic can come from anywhere. Maybe it’s a marketing campaign gone viral. Maybe it’s a Super Bowl advertisment. Maybe it’s a celebrity sporting your product. Wherever they come from, web traffic spikes can flood your site until it slows and crashes.

Prevent website crashes due to high traffic, get 24/7 control, and capitalize on surging traffic with Queue-it's virtual waiting room.

handling high traffic

Traffic spikes can quickly crash your website or app

3 dots connected in a circle
CDNs only minimize load on static pages
Tech stack scaling running into issues
The whole tech stack can't autoscale
Inventory system overheating
Inventory systems overheat
Payment gateway not accepting payment
Payment gateways fail

Threatening customer loyalty & your bottom line

of customers will abandon a brand they love after just two to three negative experiences

of enterprises report downtime costs exceeding $300,000 per hour

costs are up to 16x higher for companies with frequent outages than for those with infrequent outages

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Deliver the online experience your customers deserve

Website bottlenecks with shield
Cover bottlenecks like payment gateways
Integrate with CDNs
Integrate with CDNs & ecommerce platforms
Monitor website 24/7
Monitor your website 24/7
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Activate the queue only during extreme traffic
Chart increasing from left to right
Increase conversion rates & capture sales
Hand holding positive reputation badge
Protect your business's reputation

Watch how Queue-it's virtual waiting room works

How does Queue-it work video
How does Queue-it work video

Control traffic surges & get peace of mind in any situation

Cover scheduled sales & registrations

Prevent early visitors from overwhelming your site and neutralize any advantage to arriving early. Capture early visitors on a countdown page and randomize them just like a raffle once the sale or registration starts. Later visitors are added to the end of the line in a first-in-first-out order.

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Guard against traffic spikes 24/7

Queue-it acts as a safety net that constantly monitors your traffic inflow and only activates the waiting room when traffic exceeds thresholds you configure. In overload situations visitors are offloaded to the waiting room and throttled back to your site or app on a first-come, first-served basis.

"The peace of mind we get from using Queue-it is outstanding. The best thing is feeling relaxed, not having to worry, knowing that everything will be okay. The virtual waiting room reacts to and controls our traffic instantaneously, and if we need to make any changes, we can easily do it on the spot with the API or the dashboard. The benefit is real, and the ‘sérénite’ is real, too."

Thibaud Simond, Infrastructure Manager

Thibaud Simond from Rakuten France

"Nobody builds a website to handle hundreds of thousands of people just for a limited amount of time. Throughout the day it’s different, but having that major peak is insane. Queue-it is a great solution that saves the day and it works flawlessly."

Robert Williams, Digital Manager

Robert Williams, Digital Manager, SNIPES

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