Onsales involve web traffic peaks that strain your infrastructure before they even start. Overloaded platforms can oversell tickets and payment processors can fail before visitors are able to buy. Bad bots unfairly scoop up tickets, compromising data security and customer trust. With artists, fans, and promoters invested in the outcome and competitors vying for your business, the stakes are high to deliver smooth onsales.

Queue-it offers customizable queue pages for ticketing websites

Onsale fairness redefined

Leverage a virtual waiting room to deliver a consistent customer experience and satisfy a diverse set of stakeholders. Pre-queue functionality controls early interest in your onsale and neutralizes speedy bots. During the onsale, a fair first-in, first-out process creates a transparent customer experience. And with live traffic monitoring, you can set traffic levels that ensure payment and inventory systems run smoothly.

Queue-it's queue page can be customized to reflect your ticketing brand
Queue-it benefits for online ticketing businesses

Provide a fair experience

Queue-it benefits for online ticketing businesses

Invest resources more effectively

Queue-it benefits for online ticketing businesses

Integrate quickly and easily

Queue-it benefits for online ticketing businesses

Win the battle against bad bots

Benefits of using Queue-it's virtual waiting room for the ticketing industry

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