White papers

Online queuing white papers

Enter queue

This guide describes two ways
whereby internet end-users can
enter a Queue-it queue

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Custom layout white papers

Custom layout

Administrators can change
the layout of the end-user
interface to include branding

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Known user white papers

Known user

It is possible to verify that the
user is redirected from Queue-it,
minimizing queue jumping

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Security considerations white papers

Security considerations

This guide answers questions such
as, “How does Queue-it help me
protect my systems and data?”

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API white papers


Queue-it offers an API for
programmatic access to configuring
and controlling the queue

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High availability white papers

High availability

Queue-it can help websites
and transactional solutions to
run under massive user load

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User management white papers

User management

Manage new and existing
user accounts used on the
Queue-it management portal

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Health check white papers

Health check

If you want to check if the Queue-it
solution is running correctly,
this guide describes the process

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Notifications and logs white papers

Notifications and Logs

Notifiy a designated user
group by e-mail of any event
or account change made

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Multiple queues white papers

Multiple queues

Multiple queues (lines) can be
implemented / handled individually
or combined in any pattern

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Technical guides

Find more technical information on running the virtual waiting room