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Queue-it Technical Integration white paper

Technical Integration

Gives an overview of Queue-it, including the queue lifecycle & integrations. A great place to start.

Queue-it High Availability white paper

High Availability

Recommends site infrastructure & queue configurations to ensure your site or app stays online.

Queue-it API white paper

Queue-it API

Describes our API, which gives programmatic access to configure & control the queue.

Queue-it Traffic Load Testing hite paper

Traffic Load Testing

Introduces the concept & establishes the goals of load testing with a virtual waiting room.

Queue-it Bots and Abuse Management white paper

Bots & Abuse Management

Outlines the suite of tools Queue-it has to fight high-volume & high-speed bad bots.

Queue-it Security Considerations hite paper

Security Considerations

Outlines the features that support Queue-it's dependability & protect customers' systems & data.

Queue-it Custom Theme white paper

Custom Theme

Details the custom theme setup, including how to engage with visitors when they're in line.

Queue-it Mobile App Integration white paper

Mobile App Integration

Instructs how to integrate Queue-it into native mobile apps, including an overview of the SDK.

Queue-it Notifications & Logs white paper

Notifications & Logs

Shows troubleshooting log & notification setup for account & queue changes.

Queue-it Queue Health Check white paper

Queue Health Check

Provides a programming function that checks if queues function correctly.

Queue-it User Management white paper

User Management

Describes the setup behind managing user profiles with access to Queue-it's web admin system.

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