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See how Queue-it can help your business needs in a 1-to-1 live demo.

Queue-it online queue
Dixons Carphone
Vue Cinemas

Using Queue-it as a safety net, helped us evaluate our traffic and learn our new infrastructure. Queue-it’s support was very personal, and the team was even on hand during the event.

Ziggy Fried, Head of Engineering, Harvey Nichols

Ziggy Fried, Head of Engineering, Harvey Nichols
End-user experience simulation
User experience simulation
Setting up your first queue
Setting up your first waiting room
Web-based admin platform tour
Web-based admin platform tour
Technical Q&A with our experts
Technical Q&A with our experts

What to expect

Our technical integration experts will show you a quick simulation of the waiting room’s user experience. You will get familiar with Queue-it’s easy-to-use web admin platform, learn how to set up your first website or app waiting room, and hear industry best practices and recommendations. The demo offers you a chance for technical Q&A and will allow us to provide an accurate pricing offer.

Green waiting room on white computer