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Serve genuine customers, not bad bots

Deliver fairness and enhance your abuse and bot protection with Queue-it.

Validate genuine customers

Just like an airport security checkpoint screens passengers before they board their flights, a virtual waiting room acts as a checkpoint between your web page and the purchase path. Run checks like Queue-it’s innovative Proof-of-Work challenge, present visitors with a CAPTCHA, or limit one queue number per validated visitor based on a unique identifier like user ID or promo code.

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pink bot blocked by green wall

Ensure bad bots don't get an invite

Create an invite-only waiting room to only grant access to identified and verified visitors, stopping bots and malicious users from disrupting your sale or registration.

Neutralize speedy scalper bots

Configure your waiting room to offload early visitors to a countdown page. When the sale or registration officially starts, you can randomize all those early visitors before assigning them a spot in line, meaning there's no advantage for bots designed to arrive milliseconds before your sale or registration starts.

Green ticket bot with blue ticket in its mouth
Green bot hiding among genuine users in queue

Get time for a deeper look

Over 50% of blocked bots are attempting to simulate real users on a massive scale from one IP address. Challenge suspicious traffic like scalper bots or DDoS attacks until you can determine whether it is legitimate or malicious traffic. Set up email notifications based on suspicious IP addresses and view logs of challenged IPs in the admin platform.

Understand how bots target your sales

Bot traffic is exploding on high-demand sales where secondary markets have high payoffs. Enhanced traffic analytics give you insight into the quantity and quality of all traffic into the waiting room so you can adapt bot mitigation for your next sale.

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