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Serve real customers, not bad bots

Add visibility & control to your bot mitigation toolkit so you don’t leave your loyal customers empty-handed

Control your web traffic so you can control your bot problem

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Protect your systems from massive bot spikes

  • Keep bots from hitting your sale with an unskippable queue
  • Prevent crashes & slowdowns from extreme load driven by bots
  • Control visitor flow to give other bot tools more time to identify malicious behavior & ensure their compute capacity isn’t overwhelmed

Add a security checkpoint to your multi-layered bot mitigation

  • Add a security checkpoint to your flow that gives you the chance to slow down bots & run security checks like Proof-of-Work challenges or data center hard blocking
  • Eliminate the speed & volume advantages bots rely on with pre-queue randomization & mitigation tactics
  • Drive up costs for bad actors by increasing the compute resources needed to keep bots in queue & lengthening the time before they know to re-tool
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Focus on trusted visitors & filter out the rest

  • Proactively verify trusted visitors by tying waiting room access to a unique identifier like email address, user ID, or promo code
  • Keep out all bots, resellers, and visitors without an invite
  • Ensure each validated customer only gets one spot in the queue, limiting malicious behavior during your sale or registration

How real customers use Queue-it's bots & abuse mitigation

U.S. ticketing company

Blocked 3.2 million bots during one onsale using CAPTCHAs, data center blocking, Proof-of-Work & invite-only

Japanese gaming company

Kept out 225,000 bots & non-members during an invite-only product drop while granting access to loyal customers

U.S. sneaker retailer

Used anomaly detection to identify over 50% of sneaker drop traffic as malicious & mitigate it

Unlock new ways to detect & block bots

  • Run truly exclusive sales that grant access only to identified & verified visitors
  • Keep bad bots & resellers out simply by not giving them an invite
  • Incentivize loyalty program sign-ups with early or exclusive access

Explore invite-only

  • Neutralize speedy scalping bots during scheduled sales by randomizing early visitors
  • Gather early visitors on a branded countdown page that protects your site & builds hype
  • Deliver fair & transparent access for genuine customers

Explore the pre-queue

  • Access detailed analytics that give insight into the quantity & quality of your traffic
  • Dig deeper with server-side data you can trust
  • Set up real-time alerts to be notified of aggressive IPs, high levels of data center traffic, or good bots stuck in your waiting room

Explore Traffic Insights

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“Queue-it allows us to investigate traffic to work out where demand is coming from and whether it’s genuine. And if it isn’t, we can isolate it and put it in what I call IP jail. From a security perspective that’s crucial. It gives us the visibility and flexibility to act fast.”


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Stop sophisticated bots with multi-layered protection

Envelope shopping cart
Visitor identity tokens

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Lock with assorted shapes
Data center IP blocking

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Two bots mirror
2FA queue access

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Proof-of-Work challenge

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24/7 Anomaly detection

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Lock with CAPTCHAs
Multiple CAPTCHA options

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