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Need Queue-it fast?

Is your website or app down from overwhelming traffic? Are you expecting a large traffic peak soon? Implement Queue-it in under 30 minutes to prevent site failure.

Vue Cinemas
Harvey Nichols

Queue-it is just easy to set up, and has become a natural part of our presales. During the 20-25 presales I’ve run, the fact is I haven’t had a single problem.

Charli Bregnballe, CTO, Kino

Charli Bregnballe,  CTO, Kino

We're here for you

If you are anticipating a massive end-user peak situation on your website or app very soon and need last-minute help, you can contact us here fast. Queue-it’s virtual waiting room can be quickly added to your website, and we may even be able to help you out if your site or app is suffering from an end-user overload right now. Our record implementation is 11 minutes! No need to change your DNS setup. You implement within minutes at the page level.

virtual waiting room on devices