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Pricing is based on traffic volume and how you choose to use the system.

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"A high traffic event most likely means you've got a lot of other things on your plate to worry about. Allow yourself to focus on the quality and content of what you're offering, without concern for how traffic spikes and increased server loads might tarnish a user experience you've worked hard to curate."

Alex Wakim, Director of Operations & Business Development, LiveGlam

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Plans for businesses of all sizes

Plans for businesses
of all sizes

No setup fees or hidden costs

No setup fees or
hidden costs

Credit card & bank transfer accepted

Credit card & bank transfer accepted

No long-term commitment

No long-term

What’s behind our pricing

Pricing is determined based on the volume of traffic passing through Queue-it’s platform and the frequency of system use. Key metrics that are helpful in preparing a pricing estimate are: the number of website visitors during traffic peaks, the number of waiting rooms you plan to run annually, and the features you implement. A Queue-it subscription does not require long-term commitment.

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