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How does Queue-it work?

Queue-it uses a standard HTTP 302 redirect to offload visitors to a branded waiting room when a site or app’s capacity is reached.

Visitors are given a place in queue before they’re throttled back to the site or app at the rate you choose.

The virtual waiting room lets you control online traffic to prevent website crashes while delivering a fair and seamless experience for users.

Queue-it's virtual waiting room

Watch how Queue-it's virtual waiting room works

How does queue-it work video
How does queue-it work video

Thousands of top organizations trust Queue-it to protect their infrastructure

Fair. Frictionless. First-in, first-out. The experience your visitors deserve.

Queue visitors only when needed

Guard against sudden spikes in online traffic 24/7. Queue-it acts as a safety net that keeps you from crashing. It constantly monitors your website and app traffic inflow and activates the waiting room only when traffic exceeds the thresholds you configure.

Queue-it safety net
Scheduled sale queue

Cover scheduled sales & registrations

Prevent early visitors from overwhelming your site and neutralize any advantage to arriving early. Visitors arriving before the start of a scheduled sale or registration will see a countdown page. Once it starts, these visitors are randomized just like a raffle and put in the waiting room. Visitors who arrive later get a first-come, first-served place in line.

Control sales access to engage & grow your customer base

Invite-only waiting rooms equip organizations to reward their best customers and drive loyalty program signups. Gate your product and allow verified customers to enter the invite-only sale while blocking bots, controlling traffic flow, and tracking shopper purchasing behavior.

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"The Queue-it team is smart, humble and service obsessed. Oh, and their service works exactly as advertised. That is all too rare these days. Queue-it is great!"

Scott Tallarida, EVP & COO

Scott Tallarida from onPeak
Queue-it connectors

25+ connectors. Detailed documentation. Easy integration.

Get an in-depth, developer-friendly understanding of how Queue-it works.

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