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How does Queue-it work?

Queue-it redirects online visitors to a waiting room that enables a controlled flow of traffic to your site or app.
Controlling your traffic lets you prevent website overload, deliver fair access during high demand, and segment traffic by blocking bots & prioritizing VIP visitors.
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how Queue-it works
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How you can use Queue-it

  • Guard against traffic spikes 24/7
  • Queue customers only when traffic hits the threshold you’ve set
  • Protect key bottlenecks from unexpected traffic surges
  • Gather early visitors on a branded countdown page that protects your site and builds hype
  • Ensure a fair customer experience with randomization and first-in, first-out queuing
  • Run big sales and registrations with confidence, no matter the demand
  • Choose which customers can enter your sale or registration
  • Incentivize loyalty program sign-ups with early or exclusive access
  • Keep bots, resellers, and uninvited guests out of your sales

Your user flow with Queue-it

Robert Williams, Snipes

"Queue-it made everything more pleasant for the customer experience and the social media complaints disappeared. Having only one person to set-up the technology together with the Queue-it team saved us a lot of time, human resources, and money."

Robert Williams, digital MANAGER

What you can achieve with Queue-it

Manage who gets access

Provide controlled, fair, and exclusive sale access to engage and grow your loyal customer base

Invite-only sales & drops

Sell through product fast & fair

Deliver a smooth and transparent online experience during high-demand sales

Product overview

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Block bots & abuse

Get a security checkpoint to verify incoming traffic and serve real customers instead of bad bots

Bot & abuse mitigation

Stop wasting your resources

Use a bolt-on tool to manage traffic instead of re-architecting systems for extreme load

Queue-it for developers

“The most important thing is that Queue-it just works. But it was also great how fast, safe, and easy the implementation was. Time to value is crucial for leaders. And the time to value with Queue-it was extremely good.”


Denis Goulet, New Hampshire CIO
Queue-it connectors

25+ connectors. Detailed documentation. Easy integration.

Get an in-depth, developer-friendly understanding of how Queue-it works.

Discover how virtual waiting rooms are used in your industry

Get expert support every step of the way

Quality of support rating on G2

Enterprise fashion & apparel customer

Besides the ease of use, the best part of using Queue-it has to be dedicated, quick customer support.

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Enterprise CTO

Great customer support staff that respond back within minutes and are very knowledgeable. All around an amazing product and team.

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How Queue-it works FAQs

Queue-it redirects online visitors to a waiting room that enables a controlled flow of traffic to your site or app. Queue-it can be used:

  • As a safety net that only activates when a traffic threshold is reached (the insurance play)
  • For scheduled sales where you anticipate a traffic spike (the timed release play)
  • Or for exclusive or early access sales where you want to gate access to a page (the exclusivity play)

If you have Queue-it set up as a safety net, customers are redirected to a customizable waiting room only when traffic exceeds the capacity you've set. They're then flowed back to your website or app in a controlled, first-in-first-out order.

If your sale or registration is set to start at a specific time, customers are held on a countdown page and then randomized just like a raffle, giving everyone an equal chance. Everyone arriving later gets a first-come, first-served spot in the online queue.

If you're using Queue-it for exclusive access, only the customers you've chosen can access the queue and the protected page. Customers can verify they're "invited" with either a unique single-use link or their email address.

When visitors are placed in the waiting room depends on how you set up Queue-it.

First, you can choose whether the waiting room should be “Always Visible” or “Visible at Peak”. If you choose “Visible at Peak”, the waiting room will activate only when traffic inflow (in visitors per minute) exceeds the threshold you've set.

Second, you choose the parts of the user flow that Queue-it covers. This could be your entire website, a landing page, the login page, or a dynamic request like when customers click “Add to Cart”. This way, you queue visitors only at the stage in the user journey that needs protection, while visitors who haven’t taken the protected action can browse the site normally.

Explore protection options

Queue-it uses both first-in, first-out (FIFO) queuing and randomization to create a fair experience for your customers.

When the waiting room is used as a safety net and activated by traffic spikes, it operates as a FIFO queue.

When the waiting room is used for scheduled sales, early visitors are placed in a pre-queue with a countdown timer. When the timer hits zero and the sale or registration begins, visitors are given a randomly assigned position in queue. Once these positions are assigned, the queue operates in FIFO order, meaning those who arrive after the sale begins are placed at the back of the queue.

This combination of randomization and FIFO queuing for scheduled sales ensures all visitors who show up on time get an equal chance at first access and prevents speedy bots from getting an unfair advantage.

You choose the traffic outflow level, measured in visitors per minute, and can adjust it up or down on-the-fly using Queue-it's API or web-based admin platform.

The best way to determine your outflow is to use a load test. If you haven't run a load test, Queue-it's peak traffic experts bring years of expertise in identifying system bottlenecks, understanding how many visitors your infrastructure can handle, and recommending a starting outflow level that's optimal for your site's performance.

You can integrate Queue-it with a client-side, server-side, edge, or mobile SDK connector. Queue-it offers over 25 connectors and dedicated support staff for implementation.

Explore connectors

Yes, Queue-it can be used on mobile devices and integrated into iOS, Android, Cordova, or React Native app frameworks. Visitors on a desktop can even transfer their position in queue to their mobile device if they need to queue on the go.

Explore Queue-it for mobile

The waiting room is a lightweight solution built specifically to avoid bottlenecks and handle extreme load, meaning holding users is less resource-intensive than on typical sites or apps.

Queue-it is cloud hosted, with several dedicated global AWS data centers, enabling high levels of scalability and eliminating single points of failure. Queue-it processes an average of 200 million visitors daily.

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