Say goodbye to online crashes

Control online traffic peaks and treat your visitors fairly

Queue-it's virtual waiting room prevents website & mobile app overload

Hundreds of top enterprises trust Queue-it

Queue-it's customers include Ticketmaster
Queue-it's customers include Dixons Carphone
Queue-it's customers include Fabletics
Queue-it's customers include A.S. Watson
Queue-it's customers include AXS
Queue-it's customers include Lilly Pulitzer

Can online traffic overwhelm your website?

When web traffic surges suddenly, it overloads even the world's largest businesses. Websites and apps are built with assumptions of how much traffic they normally handle. Making a site scalable on demand is technically challenging and can prove costly. Every website has limits. 

Green bowling balls headed towards bowling pin

of enterprises report downtime costs of $300,000+ per hour

of visitors who face poor website performance won't return to buy

of enterprises need over an hour to fix a website

Confidently control website traffic peaks

Run successful online sales, no matter how popular they are.

Queue-it helps capture sales

Capture sales

Orders keep rolling in that would otherwise be lost to downtime

Queue-it helps increase conversion rates

Increase conversion rates

Customers who wait are more motivated to buy

Queue-it helps ensure fairness

Ensure fairness

Real visitors get a fair & personalized wait while you prevent bots & abuse

Flexibly integrate Queue-it into your infrastructure

Integrate Queue-it using .NET Core, Ruby, Lua, Java, PHP, Python/Django, Node.js, Cold Fusion & .NET

The leading virtual waiting room


Users through our online queues


People join our queues from around the globe


The first virtual waiting room on the market

Preserving consistent website performance for

Online Retail



Public Sector

Nobody builds a website to handle hundreds of thousands of people just for a limited amount of time. Queue-it is a great solution that saves the day and works flawlessly. Queue-it made everything more pleasant for the customer experience and the social media complaints disappeared.

Robert Williams, Digital Manager, SNIPES

Robert Williams, Digital Manager, SNIPES
Sean Hanly, CEO, Ticketsolve

Our customers needed to ensure it’s a fair buying process for those who want tickets. The queue gives a professional experience to the onsale. There’s no worries, no fear of an unplanned onsale. We know that we can handle it.

Sean Hanly, CEO, Ticketsolve

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