Custom queue page

Studies suggest that unoccupied time feels longer than occupied time. With a custom queue page, you provide your customers with queue progress information and a customized, branded experience that makes the wait bearable.
Customize queue pages to reflect your brand

Provide a consistent brand experience & capture marketing opportunities

Incorporate your brand’s visual identity into the queue page, take ownership of the customer journey and engage with your fans during their wait. With a fully customizable queue page, you can promote future events, additional products or video content as your audience waits to enter your website.

Capture marketing opportunities with customer queue pages

Accommodate a global audience with personalized language selection

The queue page’s language selector is available in over 40 languages. Your customers can select their preferred display language when they access the queue page, making the information understandable for all everyone joining the virtual waiting room.

Accomodate over 40 languages on your queue page

Easily implement your design & manage your custom queue pages

The custom layout feature lets you select which information you share to inform your customers on their progress in the queue, their personal number in the queue, and expected wait time. Easily integrate custom CSS in pre-selected fields depending on your design choices, so that you can build, modify and maintain the designs for future events.

Easily integrate CSS in pre-selected fields for your custom queue pages

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