Abuse and fraud protection

Bad bots and malicious users ruin your sales. Customers miss out on limited-edition products. True fans are left to pay steep resale prices to attend the events they want. Enhance your abuse and fraud protection with Queue-it.

Block bots that scalp tickets and interfere with ecommerce collection releases

Soft block suspicious traffic

Soft-block suspicious traffic like scalper bots or DDoS attacks until you can determine whether it is legitimate or malicious traffic. Set up email notifications based on suspicious IP addresses, and view logs of soft-blocked IPs in the admin platform.

Malicious bots mitigation can be added to the virtual waiting room SaaS

Validate genuine customers

Ensure only genuine traffic enters your queue and website. Standard protection blocks the most obvious bots. Present users with Queue-it's innovative Machine CAPTCHA or Google's reCAPTCHA and/or limit queue numbers to one per validated user, based on unique identifiers like a user ID or promo code.

Apply Queue-it Machine CAPTCHA or Google reCAPTCHA to stop bots from entering the virtual queue

Verify visitors come from Queue-it

With our server-side Connectors you can confirm that a visitor is redirected from Queue-it to your transactional site and is not heading directly to the protected URL.

Queue-it’s server-side integration validates that end-users have been in queue

Address speedy, scripted sniper bots

Queue-it’s pre-queue functionality gives anyone arriving before the start of an sale a random position in line. For speed bots designed to arrive just before event start to beat the crowd, the pre-queue simply neutralizes their method of attack.

The virtual pre-queue mitigates speed bots attacks

Get a deeper look into the quality of all traffic

Traffic from bots and organized fraud are becoming more prevalent on high-demand sales where secondary markets have high payoffs. Enhanced traffic analytics gives insight into the quantities and quality of all traffic into the queue.

Advanced queue analytics helps distinguish real end-users from malicious bots

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