New: Use 24/7 protection to block bad bots before they enter your site

Scraper bots and other low-intelligence bots add to your site traffic and can cause your queue to activate prematurely when in 24/7 protection mode. Queue-it’s Abuse and Bot Protection now includes the ability to block certain bots from entering your site in the first place.

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Use Case

Customers running Queue-it in 24/7 protection mode can sell at their full capacity without having to worry about crashing. Visitors only see the queue page when traffic to the site exceeds set thresholds.  

When bots land on your website, they count as traffic inflow. This means that bots—even low-intelligence bots like price scrapers—could instigate the activation of the queue. Even though the bots should be blocked from entering the queue, it would prompt genuine visitors to enter the queue in a situation where they otherwise shouldn’t.


To prevent bot traffic from activating the queue in 24/7 protection mode, Queue-it has given you the ability to block certain types of bots before they reach your website.

Normally with 24/7 protection mode, your website does a 302 HTTP redirect to Queue-it, and Queue-it checks if there is an active queue situation. If not, Queue-it does a 302 HTTP redirect back to your website.

Now, you have the option for Queue-it to show an HTML splash page for a few seconds— similar to what you’d see from CDN providers’ DDoS protection—and then perform a JavaScript redirect to your website. The visitor’s browser needs to execute JavaScript to be sent back to your site, something that many low-intelligence bots like scraper bots cannot.

How To

To enable this functionality, you need to be on a server-side (i.e. not JavaScript) Connector. If you’re unsure of what type of implementation you have, please contact your Queue-it support representative at

You can find the 24/7 Bot Protection feature under the “Bots and Abuse” tab on event settings in the GO Queue-it Platform.  If you are unable to locate the tab please contact your Queue-it support representative at The 24/7 Bot Protection feature is part of Queue-it’s Abuse and Bot Protection package. For more information, read the Bots & Abuse Management white paper, available in the GO Queue-it Platform.

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Key Takeaway

The 24/7 Bot Protection feature gives you better control over when your queue activates and can be a valuable tool to improve queuing fairness for your genuine visitors. The Bots and Abuse package contains several features that you can use to mitigate the types of bots and abuse you experience.

For more information on how you can tailor your bot and abuse protection to your needs, contact your Queue-it support representative at

Learn how Queue-it helps you serve genuine customers by blocking bots