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Introducing Traffic Insights: Understand & act on your waiting room traffic

High-visibility, high-demand sales and registrations often see unusual traffic spikes and are frequent targets of bots and abuse. Queue-it now offers Traffic Insights, a powerful new analytics tool that gives you a visual, actionable overview of your waiting room traffic with accurate server-side analytics.

Updated: 24 Nov 2022
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Use Case

Queue-it customers have been able to create graphs and extract key waiting room traffic data using the Premium Reporting tool. Premium Reporting gives customers an overview of their traffic trends, for instance: how many visitors were in the waiting room; how many left; how many were soft-blocked; and what the average wait time was.

But when these stats deviated from the norm, customers had little insight into the “why”. For instance, when customers saw unusual traffic spikes, it was hard to know if the spike was driven by desirable visitors, like genuine customers, or undesirable visitors, like bots and data center traffic.

Many brands using Queue-it experience both scenarios. High-visibility sales and registrations, like product drops or government relief applications, are naturally more susceptible to unusual traffic patterns.

Regardless of the demand, every customer has an interest in serving legitimate visitors. Without comprehensive information about waiting room traffic, customers weren’t confident they were only serving genuine visitors and couldn’t understand the root cause of unusual traffic patterns.


To help you get a visual, actionable overview of waiting room traffic and visitor details, Queue-it has introduced Traffic Insights featuring accurate server-side analytics.

Traffic Insights enables you to:

  • Get full traffic visibility with server-side data you can trust. Trust the data you get to detect suspicious traffic, understand genuine traffic, and optimize your waiting rooms with the confidence of accurate server-side analytics.
  • Detect and act on bots and abuse. Get alerts for suspicious traffic and identify unusual user agents, requests, or data center traffic to strengthen your bot and abuse strategy.
  • Understand unusual traffic patterns. Investigate unexpected traffic spikes and sources to troubleshoot waiting room issues and validate visitor details.


Traffic Insights includes 2 dashboards and 2 overview pages:

  • Overview Page: Highlights
  • Overview Page: Alerts
  • Dashboard: Visitor Details
  • Dashboard: Explorer


Traffic Insights Highlights page

The Highlights page is your fastest way to understand abnormal traffic patterns across all your waiting rooms. The page highlights the severity and extent of data centers, social media crawlers, and other unusual actors.


Traffic Insights Alerts

The Alerts page uses Queue-it’s many years of expertise to flag unusual traffic patterns for all waiting rooms. The page features 3 types of alerts including all relevant data and details:

  • IP addresses taking many QueueIDs
  • Data Centers making up a large portion of total requests to the waiting room
  • Good bots ending up in the waiting room

When there’s an alert, a notification will appear on the waiting room Monitor page. Clicking on the notification will direct you to the Alerts page.

Traffic Insights Monitor alert

Visitor Details

Traffic Insights Visitor Details page

The Visitor Details is a simple dashboard that shows the inflow to your active waiting room(s), which you can filter and visualize in time series graphs. You can use this dashboard to spot deviating traffic patterns and investigate:

  • Where traffic is coming from
  • Which devices are used
  • Who the referrer(s) are


Traffic Insights Explorer page

The Explorer dashboard is an analytics tool where you can select the waiting room(s) you’d like to investigate and get a holistic overview of multiple waiting room parameters.

Traffic Insights log details

You can also access detailed logs which let you analyze waiting room traffic down to the individualized request level.

How To

Traffic Insights doesn't require Queue-it to collect any new data on waiting room traffic—it just presents existing data in a visual, digestible way.

All customers will have access to the Basic version of Traffic Insights via the GO Queue-it Platform menu.

Traffic Insights GO Queue-it Platform menu

The table below shows what you get in the Basic versus Premium Traffic Insights versions.

Basic Version

Access to:

Highlights overview page, Visitor Details dashboard, and Explorer Dashboard)
6 hours of waiting room data
12 data filters

Premium Version

Everything in Basic and:

Alerts page
14 days of waiting room data
25 data filters
Real-time traffic alerts when monitoring waiting rooms
Log details view on Explorer page

The Explorer dashboard filters that are available to customers with Basic and Premium versions are as follows:

Basic Version

Waiting Room(s)
Queue ID
Known Data Centers
IP Addresses
User Agent

Premium Version

Waiting Room(s)
Queue ID
Known Data Centers
IP Addresses
User Agent
Request Type
User ID
Response Code
Target URL
Target Domain
IP Class
Crawler Name
Crawler Class

Key Takeaway

Traffic Insights gives you a visual, actionable overview of your waiting room traffic and visitor details with accurate server-side analytics. You can view and filter data based on waiting room, actor, device, geolocation, and more, and get proactive alerts when your waiting room receives unusual traffic. With Traffic Insights, you’ll understand your traffic to ensure you serve genuine visitors and block bad bots.

You can access and explore the Basic Traffic Insights version in the GO Queue-it Platform. There you can also easily sign-up for a free trial of the Premium Traffic Insights version.

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