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Queue-it's Virtual Waiting Room

The Queue-it online queue system is often likened to a virtual waiting room, as end-users have the user experience of being placed in a queue to wait for access back to the website to complete their transactions.

While the Queue-it queue page design may in fact be implemented with the look and feel of an online waiting room, there are some major differences to be aware of when distinguishing Queue-it from other virtual waiting room software.

Both Queue-it and other virtual waiting rooms provide traffic load balancing and prevent website failures by redirecting users away from busy websites to an online queue/virtual waiting room. While waiting, both solutions can also display static content to end-users.

If you would like to know more technical information, to see how the Virtual Waiting Room works, you can request a product demo with one of our Technical Engagement service representatives.

What is a virtual waiting room?

A virtual waiting room is a method for redirecting end-users back to a busy website in a random order.

What is Queue-it?

Queue-it’s online queue system offloads end-users exceeding website capacity limits to the queue system. As capacity opens up, Queue-it redirects the end-users who waited in line back to your website in the correct, sequential order that the end-users entered the queue. Thus, Queue-it’s user experience design ensures fairness for end-users completing transactions on overloaded websites.

How does Queue-it work?

Queue-it is the only traffic balancing waiting room that has a fair and sequential waiting mechanism that also works perfectly with other web performance and load-balancing solutions, like Akamai and e-commerce platforms. The Queue-it online queue system is thus the superior waiting room solution that is both elegant and unobtrusive.

Queue-it therefore provides an in-depth user experience that increases communication between websites and their end-users, while also providing a sense of fairness to end-users while they complete their transactions, all of which other virtual waiting rooms cannot provide.

Creating an exceptional user experience

Queue-it’s online queue design also allows for the additional user experience of:

  • Dynamic communication directly to waiting end-users
  • Displayed social media feed to waiting end-users
  • Offers of compensation exclusively to validated waiting end-users
  • Displayed information about expected access time and progress to waiting end-users
  • Implementation of a pre-sale queue page prior to sale launch that randomizes queue numbers to waiting end-users at exact launch time