Queue across any device

 63.5% of global ecommerce is mobile. Meet your customers where they are and cover all entry points to your infrastructure.


Create a smooth mobile experience

Overcome mobile challenges

Queue-it is built to accommodate the unique challenges of mobile queuing. Visitors keep their place in line if they leave the browser or app, lock their phones, or have their phone run out of battery.

Virtual waiting room on mobile
Enjoy the wait

Queue on the go

Mobile queuing delivers flexibility for your customers as they wait. They can work, run errands, or drop the kids off at school while their queue status progresses, so it doesn’t feel like waiting at all. Plus, customers who start on a desktop can get an email notification when it’s their turn in line, which they can open from their mobile device.

Design with responsiveness in mind

Queue pages are mobile responsive, ensuring an optimal experience regardless of device.

Deconstructed mobile queue page

Mobile means mobile

mobile browser icon
Mobile browser
Progressive web application icon
Progressive web applications (PWAs)
Native app icon
Native apps

Get tailored control over all your traffic

Does your native app run on separate infrastructure? Do your mobile or desktop customers have higher conversion rates? Fine-tune traffic inflow to your exact needs by setting up separate queues for mobile and desktop.

Queue pages shown across different devices

Integrate into your existing setup

If you have a native app, make your life easier with dedicated Android and iOS Connectors. Or, use one of our dozens of client-side, server-side or edge Connectors to implement your virtual waiting room.

See the seamless experience for yourself