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How to use Queue-it to mitigate bad bots

How to use Queue-it to mitigate bad bots

This product talk is your ultimate guide to learn how to protect your sales and registrations from bots and abuse in 4 simple steps. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to detect, assess, mitigate, and evaluate your waiting room traffic to prepare for future success.

Are you running high-demand sales or registrations but are unsure whether bots are causing problems? Do you find it challenging to distinguish between genuine visitors and bad bots? Are you not entirely confident that you're blocking malicious traffic?

Bad bots are a pest. They harm brand reputation, skew analytics, and increase support costs. But fear not, we've got your back.

Just like an airport security checkpoint screens passengers before they board their flights, a virtual waiting room acts as a checkpoint between your web page and the purchase path.

Controlling the flow of visitors lets you defeat bots' speed and volume advantage and allows you to block bots before they even get access to the sale. You can use Proof-of-Work challenges, block visitors with data center IP addresses, show CAPTCHAs, limit each visitor to one spot in line based on a unique identifier like user ID or promo code, and more.

Our product experts Martin Larsen and Lotte Esbensen explain how to detect and assess malicious traffic, use this data to mitigate bots and abuse, and evaluate your waiting room traffic to prepare for your next sale or registration.

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