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How haku handles huge demand for endurance events

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Top-tier endurance events require immense planning and preparation. Luckily, event organizers, such as the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and the Eagles Autism Challenge, have haku. haku is a robust all-in-one technology platform that enables race organizers to streamline their business needs, from race registration to email marketing and more, driving mass interest and traffic surges to their platform.


Many of the endurance events that haku’s customers host proved to be popular. Often more popular than the number of registrations available, creating high-demand situations. At times, these traffic peaks were unexpected. For example, an email marketing campaign would go viral and drive high volume to an event’s registration page. These unexpected traffic surges were hard to prepare for.

"haku's infrastructure is designed to be elastic and scale up to meet traffic demands. However, there are times when the demand surges unexpectedly, making it a challenge to scale at an optimal rate. Our main concern was to avoid any service errors or downtime while ensuring our customers always had an optimal experience."

Adam Toro, VP of Engineering, haku


After a series of performance issues during peak registration times for high demand events, haku was on the lookout for a solution to prevent platform overload. They needed a product that could support both registrations for popular planned events and those that would suddenly go viral. haku first heard about Queue-it’s virtual waiting room through conversations with one of their clients. Researching the product, they found that Queue-it’s 24/7 visitor peak protection feature could provide their clients with continuous assistance and maintain website uptime even if their platform experienced sudden surges.

"These upcoming events are not as stressful for us, for our developer, operation, and support teams. We know that no matter what the situation is, or how popular the event is, or how much traffic we're expecting, our service is going to remain steady and stable."

Adam Toro, VP of Engineering, haku


Using Queue-it as part of their event management arsenal was a successful strategy for haku and enabled their customer’s success. Platform performance remained stable while visitors were let in to register on a first-in, first-out basis. Branding events was important, so haku was thrilled they could customize the waiting room page on an event basis, providing a custom experience for each of their customers.

"The Queue-it support team has been awesome and super helpful ... Also, the documentation and white papers do a great job of explaining exactly how everything works. The product is very easy to integrate. Great documentation and great support...Now, there's confidence that our system is going to be reliable and provide a good experience for our customers."

Adam Toro, VP of Engineering, haku

About Haku

haku is a state-of-the-art technology platform that powers successful events. They enable event organizers of all sizes with powerful tools to plan, organize, promote, and execute their events.  Some of their current customers include the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, J&A Racing, and many more!


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