Technology & integration

Queue-it's virtual waiting room integrates with your system in a highly secure and accessible environment. Our platform is offered as a SaaS with two components: the end-user facing runtime that displays the queue page, and the web-based admin platform provided to Queue-it customers.
Queue-it end-user facing queue page & web-based admin platform

Client & Server-side integrations

Queue-it offers a variety of Connectors, from simple client-side to secure server-side integrations within your ticketing or ecommerce platform. Our integration packages which include reference implementations are open source and can be found on GitHub.

Queue-it's integration with ColourPop

Integration with native mobile apps

The virtual waiting room can be integrated into native mobile applications. This ensures a coherent user experience across devices and protects the mobile API against traffic peaks. Queue-it’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Android and iOS make the integration easy and allow you to customize the look and feel of your application.

Queue-it offers mobile native apps support

Integrates with ecommerce platforms and CDNs

Implementation methods

Queue-it can be implemented at several levels, including with CDNs (Akamai, Fastly, CloudFront, Cloudflare, etc.) or load balancers (F5, Cisco, Citrix NetScaler, Riverbed, Barracuda, etc.), or it can be integrated with all major ecommerce and ticketing platforms including custom solutions.

Queue-it integrates with Tessitura Network, Fastly, Magento, Akamai, SAP Hybris & Cloudflare

Our versatile API

Queue-it's API feature enables the possibility of creating integrations within your chosen software:

  • Create queues
  • Pause and resume queues
  • Set up campaigns
  • Develop custom integrations
With Queue-it’s API you can create integrations within your software

Data protection

Queue-it does not keep any payload or session data from the protected site on any end-point. This includes credit card or personal data. Despite not saving any sensitive website visitor data, we comply with the PCI DSS framework to provide the highest standard of security for our customers and their visitors. Because Queue-it is not implemented as a reverse DNS proxy, when using Queue-it you do not expose sensitive, proprietary data of your customers.

Queue-it doesn't save sensitive website visitor data


The interaction with our customers’ system is exactly as if their visitors entered the systems’ URL, followed Queue-it’s URL in their browser, waited, and then re-entered the customer’s URL again. Queue-it meets the highest standards in the field of security and data encryption with the implementation of McAfee Secure and McAfee PCI Certification Service. Queue-it’s website, the web admin platform, and end-user facing runtime hosting queue pages are all McAfee Secure and PCI DSS certified.

McAfee-secured virtual waiting room doesn’t keep payload or session data from the protected site

Keeping your data safe

McAfee helps keep your data safe with high level cyber security protection. Check the current status of  Queue-it’s website, the web-based admin platform and the queue system.

Queue-it’s is McAfee Secure


Queue-it’s public queue pages are WCAG 2.0 (Level AAA) compliant. This means, for example, that people with disabilities can access the information on the queue page via a screen reader.

Queue-it’s queue pages are WCAG 2.0 (Level AAA) compliant

Learn how to configure your virtual waiting room