REST-based API

Queue-it gives developers access to two REST-based APIs. The Admin API allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of waiting rooms (creation, management, monitoring, and sunsetting). The Queue-item API gives you access to information for each individual queue item (id, entry, redirect, number in line, custom data etc.)

Getting Started

In order to use Queue-it's API you will need to ensure that the API feature is part of your subscription. To check if the API feature is part of your subscription, log in to the GO Queue-it Platform and navigate to Account | API Keys. If it is not part of your subscription, please contact to enable this feature.

Admin API

The admin API manages waiting rooms, similar to managing waiting rooms in GO Queue-it, Queue-it's web-based admin platform. Using the admin API can be useful if you need to deploy new waiting rooms daily or weekly with a tight integration into your own backend systems.

  • Create and update waiting rooms
  • Enable, pause, disable, and end waiting rooms
  • Return event statistics and summaries
  • Update/Delete dynamic information
  • Return, add, and remove from the bypass group and notification group

For full documentation and testing, see our Queue-it Admin API Documentation.

Queue Item API

The Queue Item API allows you to access information in each individual queue item, for instance allowing you to retrieve waiting room data for a specific end-user. Through this API you will be able to retrieve:

  • id
  • entry
  • redirect
  • number in line
  • custom data

For full documentation and testing, see our Queue-it Queue Item API Documentation.

Additional Resources

API Keys can be found in the GO Queue-it Platform under Account | API Keys.

You can manage them with tools like AWS Secrets Manager.


Get a detailed overview of Queue-it's REST-based API