Real-time communication

Psychological studies show that how people feel when they wait in line matters far more than the duration of the wait. Unknown waits feel longer than explained waits. Remove uncertainty and anxiety from the waiting process by keeping users informed.

Queue-it virtual waiting toom real-time end-user updates

Improve the customer experience

Visitors see relevant information about their individual wait, such as the number of users ahead and the estimated duration of their wait. Displaying all queue details to end-users will improve the user experience and business results. 

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room displays personalized queue information

Be proactive with direct end-user updates

Leverage the queue page to inform your users with important information directly, while they are waiting. Display real-time updates, such as availability or a notification that the queue has ended.

Real-time communication is a direct channel to inform customers

Remind customers when it's their turn

Notify customers by sending them an email when it’s their turn to access your site. This allows them to continue with their work or internet browsing and come back to the queue when their turn comes.

Queue-it’s email notifications remind visitors when it is their turn in the online queue

Numbers provide social proof

Showing users the number of people waiting in line can generate hype and provides reinforcement that what they are waiting for is popular, signalling it’s worth the wait.

Displaying personalized queue information generates hype & provides social proof

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