Queue traffic analytics

Better analyze your peak traffic with queue analytics. Access graphs and exportable data while the virtual waiting room is in place. Graphs of your entire queue history can be customized based on relevant preset parameters you would like to track.

Manage and analyze queue traffic data using the Queue-it console

Real-time dashboard views

Use the dashboard view to access queue inflow and outflow data in real time. Queue-it’s out-of-the-box analytics mean that business insights are available from day one.

Queue-it’s dashboard reports provide critical queue data

Queue-it's API

The API offers programmatic access to configure and control the queue. Use it to track custom data and fields that are unique to your business. The service accepts both XML and JSON formatted data, just specify the content type in the HTTP header.

The API offers programmatic access to configure and control the queue

Analytics & log reporting

Use log reporting to review raw data that your queue events generate. Notify designated user groups by email of any event or account changes. Logs are arranged in groups that can be applied to different events.

Generate notifications for changes with Queue-it’s admin platform

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