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Capitalize on the traffic from your influencer promotions

You’ve invested time, resources, and money to find the right influencer fit. If your product resonates with their tens or hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, you could see a dramatic increase in visitors to your website. This could easily crash your website, damaging your brand and losing you sales.

Maximize your influencer marketing ROI by ensuring uptime with Queue-it’s virtual waiting room.


Instagram influencer promotion leading to Queue-it's virtual waiting room

Websites aren't made to handle sudden surges in visitors

When your website gets a huge influx in traffic it can easily overwhelm your site infrastructure and cause a crash.

3 dots connected in a circle
CDNs only minimize load on static pages
Tech stack scaling running into issues
Your whole tech stack can't autoscale
Inventory system overheating
Inventory systems overheat
Payment gateway not accepting payment
Payment gateways fail

If your site fails, your sales and reputation could be harmed

A slow or crashed website could harm your business relationship, waste your marketing budget, and give a poor first impression to thousands of potential new customers.

65% of companies need over 1 hour to fix a website crash infograph
Once your website is down, it’s no quick fix, with 65% of enterprises needing over an hour to fix a down website.
79% of shoppers avoid buying from poorly performing websites infograph
And a crash hurts sales down the road, with 79% of visitors who face poor website performance saying they won't return to buy

Queue-it helps you get ROI on your influencer promotions

Queue-it lets you control traffic inflow to keep visitor levels where your website performs best and set you up for success.

Website bottlenecks with shield
Shield bottlenecks like payment gateways
Inventory system in sync
Preserve inventory system integrity
Computer screen with megaphone
Tap into social proof & generate hype
Numbered line behind a rope and stanchions
Deliver fairness with a first-come, first-served waiting room
Chart increasing from left to right
Increase conversion rates & capture sales
Hand holding positive reputation badge
Protect your business's reputation

When we decided to do another promotion with Mrs. Hinch, she’d gone from 20k followers to just under 1 million. We needed to have something in place to prevent website issues from happening again. It was literally within a day Queue-it was up and running. Without Queue-it our site probably wouldn’t have been able to handle it and we would have been down for several hours.

Sonya Chatwani, Co-Founder, Easho

Sonya Chatwani, Co-Founder, Easho

Ready to run influencer promotions without the risk of downtime?