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First in, first out queueing

Provide the most fair and logical service to high-demand services or scarce products. By identifying users with a timestamp and giving a queue id to each end-user, Queue-it can tell how the order can be fairly decided.

Online fairness

End users better understand the situation and conflict is avoided when a situation that requires waiting is conducted with the first-in, first-out principle. The system brings a sense of order, where people cannot ‘jump the queue’ or use bots to gain their purchase ahead of others who have been waiting in line.

Psychology of queuing

Research shows that the experience of waiting is more important than the actual time spent waiting. Experience shows that people want to get started and grow anxious when the wait time seems longer and information is not provided. When the wait seems unfair, end-users become frustrated and can harm your brand when they take their frustrations to outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Queue-it alleviates much of the emotional weight of queuing by adhering to a fair first-in, first-out principle, and keeping end-users informed about their progress.

End users in a queue are more likely to complete a purchase

During high traffic times, the customers willing to wait in a queue for a specific purchase are more likely to complete that purchase after waiting, resulting in much higher conversion rates than your average business day.

How does Queue-it achieve the first in, first out principle?

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room differs from other solutions by treating your website visitors as unique end-users. Other waiting room solutions, such as those provided by CDNs, handle traffic by page requests, and do not treat end-users as people. With those solutions, your customers cannot be placed in order and therefore are placed in randomized waiting rooms that pick their request back up once the local edge has availability. These systems also cannot reliably predict the expected wait or share the number of other customers waiting.

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