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Queue-it is a feature-rich virtual waiting room platform that enables control of website traffic during key online events

First-in, first-out queueing

Provide the most fair and logical service to high-demand and/or scarce products. By identifying users with a timestamp and giving a queue id to each end-user, Queue-it can tell how the order can be fairly decided.

End-users in an online queue
Constant updates to keep end-user informed

Real-time communication

Dynamic Communication displays real-time messages to end-users on queue pages. It is possible to enter and publish specific updates in the Queue-it GO Platform to keep your end-users informed.

Queue traffic analytics

Better analyze your peak event traffic with Premium Reporting, which gives you access to graphs and exportable data for the times you are applying the virtual waiting room. Graphs of your entire queue history can be customized, based upon relevant preset parameters.

Analysis of the peak events
administrative management tools

Administrative management tools

User account administration, user notifications and logs can be managed in the Queue-it GO Platform, a browser-based self-service console.

Custom queue page

Provide your customers with queue progress information and a customized experience in line with your brand, and make the wait worth their time and yours. Custom designed pages also enable the possibility of cross-channel marketing.

Customized experience in line with a brand
Constant monitoring of the website

24/7 site coverage

With Queue-it’s SafetyNet, your website is constantly monitored, auto-queueing excess users only when the preset website capacity threshold is exceeded. If thresholds are not exceeded, end-users do not see queue numbers.

Bot and malicious user protection

The Known User feature identifies end-users returning to your website as coming from Queue-it. Bots and malicious users can be identified and this enables the prevention of end-users bypassing the queue.

Prevention from bots
Quick implementation on client-side or server-side

Technical integrations

Virtual waiting room integration includes quick implementation on either client-side or server-side, native mobile app support and the known user feature, which identifies end-users returned to your website as coming from the queue.

High availability

Cloud-based software allows a near-infinite number of simultaneous end-users to be held by Queue-it, without overloading the website. Queue-it is an Advanced Technology Partner of the Amazon Partner Network.

Cloud-based software prevents website overload

Technical guides

Find more technical information on running the virtual waiting room