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Queue-it is a feature-rich virtual waiting room platform that enables control of website and app traffic during key online events.
Queue-it is packed with features like customizable queue pages, 24/7 safety net protection, bot mitigation & more

First-in, first-out queuing

Provide the most logical and fair waiting process for your customers. By identifying users with a timestamp and unique queue id, and by blocking bots, Queue-it ensures everyone has an equal chance to make their purchase.

Provide a transparent queuing process with Queue-it based on a fair first-come, first-served system

Technical integrations

Our virtual waiting room integrations support client- or server-side implementation, native mobile apps, and top CDN, load balancer, tag management, ticketing, and ecommerce platforms. Flexible implementation allows protection at the site or page level.

Implement Queue-it on client or server side, one page or your whole site, & integrate with top CDN & load balancer platforms

Real-time communication

Remove uncertainty and improve customer experience by keeping end-users informed. Display key waiting info on the queue page and push real-time messages to customers during their wait.

Create an informed wait for your customers while they are in Queue-it’s virtual waiting room

Custom queue page

Embed queue progress in a customized queue page, creating a branded experience. Utilize the page for cross-channel marketing by enabling promotional content like videos and games, or share updates to upsell related products.

Craft a branded experience on your queue page, including opportunities to upsell & promote content

24/7 site coverage

Gain peace of mind from unexpected traffic peaks with our SafetyNet feature. Your website or app is constantly monitored, auto-queuing excess users only when the preset website capacity threshold is exceeded. If thresholds are not exceeded, end-users do not see the queue page.

Use Queue-it as a safety net to mitigate against unanticipated spikes in web traffic

Bot and malicious user protection

Block bad bots and malicious users to make sure products end up in the hands of genuine customers. With Queue-it you can validate real customers, verify the customer has been redirected from the queue, neutralize bots’ speed advantage, and more.

Battle bad bots & protect against fraud with Queue-it’s virtual waiting room

Queue traffic analytics

Use Queue-it’s analytics to optimize future queues and gain insights into consumer behavior. Organize detailed analytics in exportable dashboards or customize graphs based on relevant parameters.

View Queue-it’s real-time analytics to optimize future queues & gain insights into consumer behavior

High availability

Queue-it is hosted globally on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The virtual waiting room is built on distributed fault-tolerant architecture. Cloud-based software allows a near-infinite number of simultaneous end-users to be held by Queue-it, without overloading the website.

Queue-it works on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and has fault-tolerant architecture to maintain uptime

Administrative management tools

Perform admin tasks easily with Queue-it’s GO Platform, our web-based admin console. Set up events, control user access, manage internal notifications and logs.

In Queue-it’s web-based admin platform is a user-friendly place to manage events & setup queues

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