GO Queue-it Platform

The GO Queue-it Platform lets you configure queue settings, easily access analytics, set internal notifications, and manage user access to the platform.

Configure and operate virtual queues in the Go Queue-it Platform

Set up queues and monitor performance

The GO Queue-it Platform gives you end-to-end analytics on each queue you test or run. All queues are stored in the platform to review or replicate. The dashboard view lets you monitor traffic through all the queues you run, including multiple queues.

The Queue-it GO Platform dashboard provides an overview of all virtual queues

Manage team and stakeholder access

The user management feature allows you to administer your list of approved users. Create groups of user accounts, team members and 3rd party contractors or consultants.

Configure user access with Queue-it GO Platform

Manage custom notifications

Based on your active end-users and defined groups you can set up alerts to notify team members. Constantly monitor the progress of your end-users as well as any necessary security warnings during the event.

Leverage real-time queue data and notifications

Allow internal access during queue events

Allow support teams, call centers, or external partners access to your website without having to wait in line during a queue situation by listing their specific IP addresses to bypass the queue.

Grant direct access to web pages behind the queue

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