Central command during high demand

Queue-it’s admin platform gives you control in minutes, simply enough for anyone to use, with the real-time analytics you need to ensure success.

The admin platform anyone can use

Be in control with the intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard

The dashboard in GO Queue-it, our web-based admin platform, gives you a powerful overview of everything you need to manage your sale successfully. With a simple glance you quickly see the most important traffic and waiting room metrics. Check traffic inflow and outflow, the number of visitors in queue, and current wait time and adjust on-the-fly how many visitors are redirected from the waiting room to your site.

GO Queue-it Platform dashboard
Queue-it's real-time communication feature

Communicate in real time

Right from the dashboard you can send real-time updates to customers in your waiting room. Communicate what products are selling out when and give updates on the wait status. Keeping customers informed builds confidence and adds a human touch to their online experience.

Get data-driven insights for now & later

Queue-it’s out-of-the-box analytics mean that data-driven business insights are available from day one on into the future. Use GO Queue-it’s analytics to optimize waiting rooms for future sales and understand visitor traffic patterns. Organize detailed analytics in exportable dashboards or customize graphs based on relevant parameters to give you the historical data you rely on when planning your next sale. You’ll also understand how traffic inflow levels impact your website so you can fine-tune web performance in the future.

Queue-it traffic analytics graph

The platform for full admin management

Get internal access when the waiting room is active

When a waiting room is in place, your team might want to access your site to ensure everything is working as it should. By whitelisting IP addresses, you allow support teams, call centers, or external partners to jump the queue to support customers and verify website performance.

Whitelisted IPs give direct access to queue-protected pages

Leverage the APIs for programmatic access

Managing many sales? Want to dig deep into individual waiting rooms? Queue-it offers two REST-based APIs to make it easy. With the Admin API you programmatically manage the entire lifecycle of waiting rooms, from creation to sunsetting. Use the Queue-item API to track custom data and fields that are unique to your business. The services accept both XML and JSON formatted data, just specify the content type in the HTTP header.

Blue, pink & white bowling pins in groups

Keep the right admin users updated

It can take a village to run a big sale, and you need everyone organized. Create groups of user accounts, team members and 3rd party contractors or consultants and assign their appropriate level of access. Keep everyone updated by notifying designated user groups by email of any waiting room alerts or account changes.

Expert support to help you stay in control

Queue man leaning against wooden house

Queue-it’s support team is with you every step of the way to ensure your sales run smoothly. If you’re unsure about configuration or monitoring of your sales, our team is here to help. Feel empowered to confidently run your biggest online sales, no matter the demand.

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