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24/7 site coverage

With Queue-it’s SafetyNet, your website is constantly monitored, only queueing excess users when the preset website capacity threshold is exceeded. If thresholds are not exceeded, end-users do not see your queue page.

SafetyNet traffic monitoring

Websites are online 24/7, with end-users expecting to be able to access them without issue and from any device at any time of the day or night, regardless of physical location. Queue-it’s SafetyNet feature constantly monitors your website, a valuable function that fulfills the end-user’s expectation of always being able to access your website without it failing.

Exceeding thresholds, the queue and what it means for your business

The SafetyNet feature acts as an overload protection mechanism, protecting the system during unpredicted traffic surges. When might this occur? When marketing sends out an email campaign that performs better than expected, when your brand or product goes viral, when you or your clients are running concurrent events or simply when your system falters, triggering the virtual waiting room will keep your website online, preserving your customer retention and revenue.

Monitoring traffic and gathering end user data

With SafetyNet, even when the queue page is not shown to end-users, you are constantly gathering real-time data on your site’s activity through the administration console. This provides you with the possibility of evaluating your high traffic times and influencing future events, by providing valuable information on end-users’ activity while in the queue.

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