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Introducing Traffic Insights: Understand & act on your waiting room traffic

Queue-it integrations demystified: How to ensure you’re set up for success

This product talk is your complete guide to Traffic Insights. Learn how Traffic Insights can give you full traffic visibility with server-side data you can trust, let you detect and act on bots and abuse, and help you understand unusual traffic patterns.

Do you know what’s behind the unusual traffic spikes in your virtual waiting room? Are you confident enough that only genuine visitors enter your virtual waiting room?

High-visibility, high-demand sales and registrations often see unusual traffic spikes and are frequent targets of bots and abuse.

Traffic Insights is a new powerful analytics tool that gives you a visual, actionable overview of your waiting room traffic with accurate server-side analytics. No more guesswork.

Our Head of Customer Success U.S., Jennifer Hughes, and Product Manager, Lotte Esbensen, will reveal how you can succeed with Queue-it by using Traffic Insights.


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