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How online retailers can get the most out of Queue-it

Webinar: Get the Most Out of Queue-it

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room is a flexible solution, but how can you get the most out of product? Get best practices for ecommerce success in our customer webinar

Best Practices & Inspiration for Ecommerce Success

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room is a flexible solution. But some decisions lead you to a more successful use of Queue-it than others.

Based on a decade of experience with hundreds of ecommerce customers and hundreds of thousands of queue events, Queue-it Co-Founder and CTO, Martin Pronk, and Customer Success Manager, Garey Symington discuss how ecommerce businesses can the most out of their virtual waiting room.

When watching the webinar, you will come away with deeper insight into:

  • Best practices for integrating, implementing & administering Queue-it
  • Inspiration from companies using Queue-it innovatively
  • An extended Q&A session to help you learn from the Queue-it’s ecommerce community

You should watch this webinar if you are...

  • An online retailer interested in virtual waiting room best practices
  • A Queue-it ecommerce customer

Find what most interests you and jump right in:

  • 0:00 Introduction & Welcome from CTO Martin Pronk & Customer Success Manager Garey Symington
  • 5:05 What’s the best way to integrate Queue-it in ecommerce?
  • 6:31 As an online retailer, where should I implement Queue-it?
  • 11:45 When do I need to use a pre-queue?
  • 14:40 What’s the best way for me to protect against bad bots?
  • 18:50 What information should I show on the queue page?
  • 26:42 What should I do if my site or app starts to become overloaded during the sale
  • 29:48 What do I need to know about mobile versus desktop queuing?
  • 31:50 Your checklist for running successful ecommerce events with Queue-it
  • 32:20 Inspiration for Success: LiveGlam
  • 41:41 Inspiration for Success: QoQa
  • 46:45 Q&A

Webinar Presenters

Martin Pronk

Queue-it's CTO and Co-Founder, Martin Pronk, is responsible for the development and international operation of the Queue-it software services. 

Garey Symington

Garey works with Queue-it customers in the North and South American regions to ensure they are getting the most out of our solution.