Martin Pronk CTO Co-Founder

Martin Pronk

CTO and Co-Founder

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Martin is Co-Founder and CTO in Queue-it and responsible for implementation, development, architecture and strategy.

Queue-it’s CTO and Co-Founder, Martin Pronk, is responsible for development and international operation of the Queue-it software services. Martin has a substantial background within IT development and architecture, and he started his career as a Consultant and IT Project Manager. However, he soon moved on to different IT architecture positions as his knowledge, expertise, and passion grew in this field.

Website performance has always been of interest to Martin when designing and implementing different solutions to customers around the world. Ensuring fairness, transparency, and security for both companies and end-users were important to Martin when the Queue-It solution was first developed and tested. Queue-it, and particularly Martin, was a pioneer within cloud computing and, due to Martin’s high ambitions and efforts, Queue-it is now an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Martin has gained deep insight into the ticketing, retail, finance, and education industries and his ability to develop, adapt, and implement the Queue-it solution into these industries is considered one of the best. Over the years, he has gained a very deep understanding of how best to increase website performance during end-user peaks, preventing critical website slowdowns or failures that could affect customer conversion rates and satisfaction. This is key when Martin talks to customers and potential partners all over the world.

Martin’s overall ‘toolbox’ consists of a deep and extensive knowledge and understanding of technology and the value it brings to the market. Formulating and driving Queue-it’s development strategy while attending customer and partner meetings across the globe is a part of Martin’s daily work at Queue-it. Martin is an inspirational leader with a strong motivation for delivery, results, and value creation. At the same time, and much appreciated by his employees, he is able to balance his focus between strategic thinking and tactical actions in order to achieve Queue-it’s overall goals.

Martin has supplemented his original Masters in Electronic Engineering from Aalborg University and further education at the University of Hull in the UK with an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

In his spare time, Martin enjoys helping other start-up companies and spending time with family and friends.