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Run online sales and registrations confidently, no matter the demand

Queuing software (also known as a virtual waiting room) is a powerful tool to control your online traffic and treat your visitors fairly. But are they right for you? And what should you be looking for? Get a free guide that includes 9 common use cases, 15 key questions, and an actionable 10-point checklist

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What is virtual queuing software?

how a virtual waiting room works
how a virtual waiting room works

Queuing software is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that manages website and app traffic peaks by offloading visitors to an online queue. Visitors are then throttled from the online queue back to the website or app in a fair, first-in-first-out order. Without a virtual queuing solution, the traffic could overwhelm and crash the website or mobile app. 

How does queuing software work?

Online queue software monitors the traffic inflow to your site or mobile app. When traffic passes your configured threshold, visitors are placed in a first-come, first-served online queue. They see a branded wait page with wait time information. When it’s their turn in line they are redirected to your site or app, maintaining consistent web performance.

Why use virtual queuing software?

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of IT outages are avoidable, say global IT decision makers, with usage spikes being the number two reason behind downtime.


of enterprises need over an hour to fix a website.


of enterprises report downtime costs of $300,000+ per hour

Capture sales otherwise lost to downtime

Lost sales are a huge opportunity cost of website crashes. Becoming a victim of your own success can be devastating after all the hard work you put into planning your sale.

A crashed website where no visitors can shop is far worse than a website with a queue where some visitors can shop.

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Protect your brand reputation

79% of visitors who face poor website performance won't return to your site to buy. Serving a sub-par online experience can lose you customers well into the future, which is especially harmful if your business operates on a subscription model.

Virtual queuing systems provide fair, first-in-first-out access to your website paired with transparent wait information to keep customers informed.

When can you use virtual queuing software?

Shopping holidays like Black Friday
In-demand online ticket sales
Product launches & releases
Influencer & email marketing campaigns
University admissions
Government applications

"We have campaigns that start at a precise hour, and in less than 10 seconds, you have all the traffic coming at the same time. The biggest benefit of Queue-it is the user experience. It’s an amazing tool for connecting to people. It drives a sense of urgency, it opens a communication channel with the customer through the dynamic messaging feature and the queue page itself. This is really amazing for the business."

Alexandre Branquart, CIO/CTO

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How does queuing software use psychology to improve the wait experience?

Brand the wait & engage customers

Queue psychology tells us that what matters most is not how long the wait is but how we feel when we wait.

By customizing the queue page, you can create a branded experience and engage your audience. You can promote future events, upsell additional products, and embed videos or games as your customers are waiting in line to enter your website, all in your brand’s tone, messaging, and style.

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Customizable queue page with wait info

Keep customers informed

By showing customers personalized wait information, you help remove uncertainty from the queuing experience.

Information like place in line and estimated waiting time frees customers to do other things while they wait, making the wait feel shorter. And including a progress bar shows a beginning and an end so waiting becomes reconceptualized as progress.

Communicate in real time

You can use the online queue page to display real-time updates to your customers.

Communicate what products are selling out or give updates on the wait status. Real-time communication adds a human touch to customers’ online experience and increases transparency.

Queuing software with real-time communication

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