What is queuing software?

Queuing software is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that manages website and app traffic peaks by offloading visitors to an online queue. Visitors are then redirected from the online queue to the website or app in a fair, first-in-first-out order. Without the queuing software, the traffic could overwhelm and crash the website or app. 

Queuing software is also referred to as a virtual waiting room or online queuing system.

queuing software desktop and mobile

Without queuing software, online traffic can overload websites & apps

Orange bowling balls headed towards bowling pin


of IT outages are avoidable, say global IT decision makers. Usage spikes are the #2 reason behind downtime.


of enterprises need over an hour to fix a website


of enterprises report downtime costs of $300,000+ per hour

How does queuing software work?

Online queue software monitors the traffic inflow to your site or app. When traffic passes your configured threshold, visitors are placed in a first-come, first-served online queue. They see a branded wait page with wait time information. When it’s their turn in line they are redirected to your site or app, maintaining consistent web performance.

how queue-it works video
how queue-it works video

How does queuing software improve the wait experience with psychology?

Queue psychology tells us that what matters most is not how long the wait is but how we feel when we wait.

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Remove uncertainty with personalized wait information

Communication bubbles

Send real-time communication to keep customers informed

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Customize the queue page to create a branded experience & engage customers

What are some business benefits of queuing software?

Dollar bills in shopping carts

Capture sales

Orders otherwise lost to downtime keep flowing

Dollar bills on increasing graph

Increase conversion rates

Customers who wait are more motivated to buy

Tickets behind rope

Ensure fairness

Real visitors get a fair & personalized wait while bots & abuse are blocked

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