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SAPhybris and queueit

SAP Hybris and Queue-it

Even highly-scalable systems like SAP Hybris are bound by database limitations. Transaction-heavy pages like checkout are liable to be overwhelmed by traffic peaks, resulting in costly downtime. Queue-it works smoothly alongside SAP Hybris to mitigate surges in traffic, maintaining uptime and web performance.

Integrated site performance solution

  • Integrate client-side in under 30 minutes or server-side in less than a day with our many Queue-it Connectors
  • Protect your website or app 24/7 or implement the queue at the exact page-level where you expect a bottleneck, typically the cart and/or the checkout pages
  • Preserve all your ecommerce platform functionality without having to integrate at the site level again
  • Customize the queue page design and display status updates to your customers, keeping them informed at all times
Queue-it's customizable queue page with SAP Hybris setup

About SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is an enterprise multichannel ecommerce and product content management software serving businesses in a wide range of vertical industries like retail, telco, financial services, and the public sector. SAP Commerce Cloud is a feature-rich platform for B2C, B2B, and B2B2C companies alike.

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