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Queue-it is now available via the Magento Marketplace

Updated: 13 Jan 2023
Queue-it and Magento Partnership

Is your Magento webshop ready for traffic peaks? Queue-it is proud to announce virtual waiting room integrations for webshops running on Magento’s M1 or M2 ecommerce platforms.

Magento customers can add the appropriate Queue-it extension from the Magento Marketplace and preserve all ecommerce functionality. Queue-it’s virtual waiting room platform allows online merchants to regulate website traffic during peak events. This ensures smooth website and app performance and happy customers.

Gain 24/7 peace of mind

If you are a Magento merchant seeking to protect your website 24/7 during unpredicted traffic surges, Queue-it provides 24/7 traffic monitoring to make sure that your maximum traffic levels are not breached. Your company establishes traffic thresholds in the easy-to-use administrative console. And you can configure Queue-it so customers only see the queue during peak events.

Banish the bots

Why allow bots to take over your product releases? Queue-it’s virtual waiting room features built-in bot protection functionality to flag malicious traffic.

Satisfy your customers

Website or app failures negatively impact the bottom line and customer sentiment. With 80% of customers willing to wait for up to an hour to complete their online purchases, a virtual waiting room is a superior alternative to a dysfunctional website. Queue-it’s virtual waiting room can be configured to show custom images, logos, and content while simultaneously showing your customers dynamic information, like wait time and queue position.

Want to learn more?

If you’re curious about how Queue-it’s virtual waiting room could fit into your ecommerce platform, sign up for a free trial or browse our Magento and Queue-it page for an overview of how the two integrate seamlessly.