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Queue-it becomes one of the first Google Cloud partners for Service Extensions

Updated: 11 Apr 2024
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Queue-it among first tech partners selected to go live on Google Cloud Service Extensions to help Google Cloud customers control their online experience during peak demand.

April 10, 2024 — Queue-it, the market leader in virtual waiting room software and services, was announced yesterday as one of the first integrations on Google Cloud’s Service Extensions edge extensibility product. The announcement took place at Google Cloud’s NEXT 2024 conference in Las Vegas.

The new integration lets Google Cloud customers deliver a reliable, fair, and transparent online experience during peak traffic situations like product drops, ticket onsales, government registrations, financial services offers, or Black Friday sales.

“Google’s Service Extensions is an exciting opportunity that underscores the improved visibility, simplified setup, and enhanced performance businesses can achieve by performing business logic at the edge,” says Martin Pronk, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at Queue-it. “With Google Cloud Service Extensions, Google Cloud customers can integrate Queue-it seamlessly at the edge to protect their origin servers during peak events of over 100k requests per minute. We’re excited and honored to be one of the first partners to go to market on Google's Cloud CDN eco-system.”

The integration highlights the efficiency of Google Cloud’s approach to the Service Extensions framework. Typically, edge computing integrations involve placing the Queue-it Connector into the edge compute layer. Service Extensions eliminates this need by using a "Connector-as-a-Service" model, where the a plugin extension invokes the Queue-it Connector hosted on Queue-it’s infrastructure. Customers avoid needing to deploy code to the edge and ensure they always call the most up-to-date Connector, while still getting all the performance, availability, and security benefits that edge integrations provide.

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About Queue-it

Queue-it is the leading developer of virtual waiting room services to control website and app traffic surges by offloading visitors to a waiting room. Its powerful SaaS platform enables enterprises and governments around the globe to keep their systems online and visitors informed, capturing key sales and online activity on their most business-critical days. The use of Queue-it has ensured online fairness during high-demand campaigns and activities for billions of users worldwide. The company is headquartered in Denmark and has offices in the U.S. and Australia. For more information, please visit You can find our contact information at


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