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Crash-proof your website with a virtual waiting room for Google Cloud

Control online traffic with Queue-it's virtual waiting room to deliver a fair online experience without crashes or bots.
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Integrate fast & secure with Google Service Extensions

  • Zero-code turnkey integration without altering your origin environment
  • Improve performance by executing logic closer to your visitors
  • Get reliable control by executing logic regardless of origin availability
  • Ensure you always get the most up-to-date waiting room with the newest features
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How the waiting room works with Google Service Extensions

Google Cloud and Queue-it connector


Visitor request passes through Service Extensions, but the Connector sees the visitor has no session cookie or token & must go to the waiting room


Connector instructs the Load Balancer to respond with an HTTP 302 redirect to send the visitor to the waiting room


At the visitor's turn in line they're redirected with another HTTP 302 from the waiting room with a secure token


Visitor passes through the Service Extensions again, where the Connector validates the token, creates a Queue-it session cookie & sends the request to the origin server

Run your sales & registrations without crashes or bots

Stop wasting your tech resources & budget trying to re-architect systems for extreme load. Instead, ensure traffic stays below levels your bottlenecks can handle.

Traffic control & insights

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Give customers peace of mind by sharing wait info like place in line and estimated wait time, pushing real-time update messages, and letting visitors sign up for email notifications when it's their turn in line.

User experience

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Proactively validate good visitors with invite-only access based on email address, member ID, or other unique identifier and keep bots, resellers, and non-members out of your sales.

Invite-only sales & drops

block bad bots
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shopping cart discount
block bad bots

Be prepared for peak traffic in any situation

Product drops & launches
Ticket onsales
Seasonal & flash sales like Black Friday
Email marketing campaigns, influencer promotions & PR appearances
Public sector registrations
University registrations

“The peace of mind we get from using Queue-it is outstanding. The virtual waiting room reacts to and controls our traffic instantaneously, and if we need to make any changes, we can easily do it on the spot with the API or the dashboard. The benefit is real, and the ‘sérénite’ is real, too.”

Thibaud Simond, Infrastructure Manager

Take control of your online traffic today