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Queue-it’s preparedness for the COVID-19 online demand surge

Updated: 20 Jul 2023
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The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are creating traffic surges for websites and apps around the world, many of whom are turning to Queue-it for help. Queue-it CTO Martin Pronk assures that our virtual waiting room is built on distributed, fault-tolerant architecture and can confidently manage the increased load on our systems. We further detail our efforts to support our customers, employees, and communities in these fast-changing times.

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to unprecedented surges in online traffic as consumers adjust to life under the pandemic. With continued concerns associated with the novel coronavirus, Queue-it wants to assure our customers and partners that we have taken several steps to minimize the risk of disruption to our business. Our customers can expect Queue-it to provide the same high-quality, reliable services they have come to trust for ten years.

At Queue-it we’ve monitored the COVID-19 situation around the global for several weeks. We’ve seen this firsthand as we’ve helped websites and apps control the demand for masks in Hong Kong, online coursework in Denmark, pharmacy supplies in Italy and grocery delivery around Europe.

Our guiding principle in every decision we make is what is best for our customers, employees, partners, and the communities in which we operate.

Service & support continuity

”What we’re doing internally is ensuring that we have capacity available to help and support overloaded websites,” says Queue-it CTO Martin Pronk, “ensuring that our system has the capacity we need around the globe and that our customer success and support teams have the bandwidth to support websites in need.”

Queue-it’s technology team has built a secure, robust and high availability architecture. Our internally built system, based on a Microsoft .NET microservices architecture, is deployed globally in the Amazon AWS Compute Cloud utilizing several AWS services including the Elastic Container Service (ECS) and DynamoDB. This technology has a scalability that enables Queue-it to handle high volumes of simultaneous users with high reliability.

To hedge against AWS, network, and web outages, we have built in distributed fault-tolerant architecture that allows us to rapidly implement changes if needed.

Employee well-being & workplace management

All Queue-it employees, whether based in Denmark, the U.S., or Australia, are working remotely until further notice to help ensure the safety of our employees and their families and support social distancing efforts to fight the pandemic.

The company meets virtually each morning to share updates on virus prevention efforts and align on company business priorities.

Supporting small businesses, NGOs & non-profits

While even the world’s largest businesses experience downtime from traffic surges, small businesses, NGOs, and non-profits with limited scaling capacity and small IT teams can find it especially difficult to stay online in the face of overwhelming demand.

Without help, many online businesses may not overcome interruptions in their operations, and NGOs and non-profits may struggle to carry out their missions.

That’s why we are making our virtual waiting room solution free to small online businesses, NGOs, and non-profits to help manage pandemic-related website or app overload. You can read more information on our initiative on our blog post

Continuously monitoring a fast-changing situation

This is a dynamic situation, but one we are diligently monitoring in real-time. We believe the system design and policies we are putting in place will let us continue to manage effectively and stay focused on ensuring we deliver on our commitments to our customers and the safety of our employees and communities.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to your Queue-it support representative at