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Automate your Queue-it integration programmatically with the Integration API

Updated: 17 Apr 2024
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Queue-it’s APIs currently help customers create and manage their waiting rooms programmatically, boosting efficiency and minimizing the risk of human error. To expand the scope of what’s possible to manage programmatically, Queue-it’s now lets you retrieve and update integration configurations via API.

Use Case

Queue-it’s existing REST-based APIs have helped customers increase efficiency and decrease the risk of human error when setting up and analyzing their waiting rooms. Customers could programmatically create waiting rooms, update dynamic information, show waiting room statistics, and query data for specific end users, among other functions.

Multiple actions can be done in one API call with the click of a button, instead of filled out across several screens in the GO Queue-it Platform. And programmatic setup means reliable setup that also avoids the need to grant GO Platform access to many users.

The existing APIs didn’t allow for updating the waiting room integration, however. Customers could create or pause the waiting rooms, but not configure how their visitors got to the waiting room.

For instance, imagine an electronics retailer runs a mobile phone sale every Monday and a TV sale every Tuesday. The triggers for the sales (e.g. landing page URL) and the actions (e.g. sent to the waiting room with a smartphone or TV theme page) would both be different. These settings are housed in the integration configuration, which had to be edited in the web-based GO Queue-it Platform.


To increase efficiency and decrease error across the entire admin management of waiting rooms, Queue-it has expanded our APIs to get and post updates to your integration configuration.

The expanded API includes two additional GET options and two POST options. You can:

  • Get a list of the 10 latest published integration setup versions
  • Get a specific version of a published integration setup
  • Create and publish/deploy a new integration setup version
  • Publish the latest integration setup to a web endpoint

How To

The new integration-related actions are included in the existing Queue-it Admin API. You can find documentation on Queue-it’s APIs in the developer resources section of our website. To use the APIs, you’ll need to have the API feature on your Queue-it subscription.

Key Takeaway

The expanded Queue-it API lets you retrieve and post updates to your integration configuration, letting you take fuller advantage of programmatic waiting room management. You can increase efficiency and decrease the risk of human error when setting up and analyzing your waiting rooms.

For more information on how you can start benefiting from API-based waiting room configuration, contact your Queue-it support representative at

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