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PerimeterX & Queue-it: Bad bots spotlight & how to tackle the evolving threat

Title slide for PerimeterX & Queue-it webinar: Bad bots spotlight & how to tackle the evolving threat

Bad bots are growing in sophistication, volume, and the industries they target. Watch this on-demand webinar from PerimeterX & Queue-it to discover how the threat of bots is evolving in online retail, ticketing, and the public sector—and find out how you can protect your site against bad bots.

The bad bot onslaught continues. Sneaky bot operators are increasing their scalping sophistication, muscling out genuine customers for gaming consoles, tickets, sneakers, vaccines, and more.

Wondering what the bot threat landscape looks like? Curious how you can prevent malicious bots from sabotaging your sales?

To understand the threat of bots and learn how you can beat them, check out this on-demand webinar featuring Queue-it’s Director of Product Martin Larsen, Customer Success Manager Garey Symington, and PerimeterX’s VP of Product Elad Amit.

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