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Holiday shopping in September? Adapt your website for sales growth

holiday shopping in september webinar

As online retailers begin a holiday season unlike any other, digital channels are critical to secure much-needed sales growth. What strategies are top retailers looking to right now to capture sales this year? How can you prepare your digital operations for online demand? Listen in to this discussion on supporting ecommerce growth in the 2020 holiday season.

Ecommerce and IT managers are under tremendous pressure. You’re expected to make up for lost physical store sales. You need to ramp up digital operations nearly overnight to support a 2020 holiday season that’s starting earlier than ever. Your website is your retail lifeline.

How should you prepare your digital operations to support the business-critical sales growth you need to deliver?

Presenters Garey Symington of Queue-it and Phillip Jackson of Something Digital bring their industry experience to bear and share website readiness tactics to help you support your ecommerce growth.

Find what most interests you and jump right in:

  • 4:36 Setting the stage
  • 4:52 The online channel is more crucial than ever before
  • 8:53 The supercharged push to online
  • 15:17 The technical challenges of scaling so fast
  • 22:17 4 strategies retailers are looking to right now
  • 23:45 1. Start sales earlier
  • 27:13 2. Use time-limited sales to drive hype
  • 30:46 3. Leverage BOPIS & curbside pickup
  • 34:45 4. Partner strategically & broaden the catalog
  • 39:45 5 takeaways to prep for online demand
  • 40:02 1. Make CX & CS your differentiators
  • 43:45 2. Scale up servers
  • 46:28 3. Optimize your CDN
  • 47:51 4. Swap out perf-intensive features
  • 49:29 5. Consider a virtual waiting room
  • 53:07 Q&A: Will D2C Retail Friday be a new trend this year?
  • 55:34 Q&A: Consumer reactions to online queues?

You should watch this webinar if you are:

  • An ecommerce manager, marketing manager, product manager, or technical manager preparing for increased ecommerce sales this holiday season

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Webinar presenters

Garey Symington

As Customer Success Manager, Garey Symington works with Queue-it customers in the North and South American regions to ensure they are getting the most out of our solution. With a start in Sales Development leading into his transition to Customer Success, Garey is very familiar with the industries Queue-it services, unique use cases they have and ways in which our solution can be customized to best fit their needs. He serves as a friendly, consultative partner through anything Queue-it customers hope to accomplish using our solution. 


Phillip Jackson

As Chief Commerce Officer at Something Digital, Phillip acts as head of strategy, partnerships, and evangelism. He helps brands define goals, create strategies to meet those goals, and align tactics that drive results. With over 15 years of experience creating unique online customer experiences, he has both built and managed ecommerce for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Phillip is the organizer of the Magento SoFla Meetup and hosts the successful podcasts Magetalk, Future Commerce and Merchant to Merchant, with over 100,000 monthly listeners.

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