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Breaking down the psychology of queuing

Niels Sodemann at TN Inspire

Watch Queue-it CEO and Co-Founder Niels Henrik Sodemann break down the psychology of queuing at TN Inspire!

TN Inspire made its debut at 2016’s Tessitura Learning and Community Conference (TLCC) in Washington, D.C. Presenting on a passion of their choice, speakers had exactly five minutes to teach, enlighten, or simply inspire the audience. But there was a twist! Each presenter was limited to 20 slides that auto-advanced every 15 seconds, keeping this fast-paced speaker series lively and entertaining for all.

Niels goes into a variety of queuing-related topics, including the history of queue theory, and why mirrors alleviated complaints about elevator delays in 1950s New York.

Niels further reminds listeners the fundamental truth sales, that products are consumed while services are experienced. And that when it comes to customers waiting, how people feel about the wait means more. The experience of waiting matters more than the actual time spent.

Included in the talk are also Niels’ recommendations for a great wait. That means distracting your waiting consumers. Customize your queue page with social media, videos, and graphics that entertain your customer. Get your customer started on their purchasing journey, list product features and other promotions. Communicate clearly with ticket buyers to make sure waiting is fair and informed process, even during unexpected delays during your biggest events.

Niels provides this information and more on how to create a fair and smoother user experience during your business-critical onsales. Also, if you pay close attention to the slides, find out what Niels’ favorite North American sport is. Watch the video for all the details!

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