Tessitura and Queue-it | Working with the arts and culture

Queue-it and Tessitura Network: Delivering for the arts and culture community on their biggest onsale days

As a part of the Tessitura community , we value the partnerships that put us in contact with a diverse group of people who are focused on arts and culture in the not-for-profit sector. “In collaborating with Tessitura to serve these venues and organizations,” By providing sponsorship, we help preserve the rich cultural heritage of the arts and form part of the gateway that is taking this sector into the future.


Tessitura software offers a fully integrated software system for the arts and culture industry. A singular database is used to record and manage contacts within its CRM, ticketing operations technology and enabling marketing and fundraising to be conducted efficiently. Transactions can be completed and reporting and s generated, providing analytics. To complement, for future events. Secure multiple venue and company options are available, giving the Tessitura Network, leverage as being a unique solution in a sea of technology.

Queue-it is has built a specific integration for Tessitura-integrated members to utilize a virtual waiting room platform online queue system during their key ticket onsales, from when they  land a popular artist or exhibit, to when they are announcing and launching their season ticket sales.

About the Tessitura Network

Governed by an elected board of Tessitura users and supporting over five hundred top of the range arts and culture organizations, it provides the software technology that enables members to focus more on the culture and putting on a good show.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the Tessitura Network, you can read more on their website.

"The Tessitura Network is comprised of more than 500 of the world’s premiere arts and cultural organizations united by a common technology in order to achieve operational excellence." Tessitura Network